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Points When What Where
-1 Downvoted Argument The Implications Of Quantum Time Experiments
1 Added Argument Can Trump get re-elected with a 63% DIS-approval rating with women?
2 Added Argument Amarel Takes A Short Break From Lying To Attend A Family Wedding
2 Added Argument Why in the USA does Capitalism seem unappealing to some?
3 Added Argument If the cops reach a certain point, will things get "very bad" for Trumps enemies?
1 Added Argument You Can Trust Us.
1 Added Argument Capitalism Is AWESOME!
3 Added Argument Who protects your 2nd Amendment rights? Who protects the rest of 'em?
1 Added Argument Conservatives Have No Greater Enemy Than The Hero Robin Hood
1 Added Argument The rich BRIBE.. The poor use AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. What's better?
3 Added Argument How scientifically ILLERATE are you to BELIEVE that we've BUILT a time machine?
4 Added Argument Trump again threatens VIOLENCE if he doesn't get his way. Are you with the orange man?
2 Added Argument If Trump is defeated in 2020, will you take up arms to keep him in office?
4 Added Argument Pros And Cons Of Organic Farming
1 Added Argument Scientists In Moscow Invent Quantum Time Machine
1 Added Argument Are Conservatives Prepared To Parlay: Yes Or No?
5 Added Argument All true geniuses throughout history have been either atheist, agnostic or deist.
1 Added Argument What's the deal with Points?
3 Added Argument What do you think "Economic Freedom" means?
2 Added Argument Well, can it happen again ? ...
5 Created Debate What do you think "Economic Freedom" means?
4 Added Argument Goal for Commie Kamala Harris in 2020: Alter "Human Behavior"
2 Added Argument Is there any such thing as right and wrong?
2 Added Argument LMFAO. Bronto Calls Libs "Elitist". Makes Debate Private Access.

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