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RSS Amarel

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1 point

If God decides arbitrarily what is good and evil, that's not objective morality. That's just adhering to Gods subjective morality.

I don't concede. I simply don't like you saturating my feed with a hundred small responses. That's what saint does.

1 point

God creates the epitome of evil but bears no responsibility. Got it. Look I'm done with this conversation. This multiple short responses filling up my feed is too annoying.

Amarel(1320) Clarified
1 point

You cannot compare money we owe as dept to money you received as charity. 1.01M was not lent to Ghana, it was given to Ghana. You might call it neocolonialism.

1 point

God created the good and made the evil. He created all. God created Satan with knowledge aforethought of Satans ultimate course of action. Satan is Gods tool. Nothing occurs but by God's hand. Directly or indirectly.

1 point

I am only going to respond in one post. Responding to multiple posts for the same conversation is tiresome.

First, perhaps I used to wrong term when I said God’s children. I still contend that the Christian God created the vast majority of people to ultimately burn in hell.

In response to “it is also logically incoherent that God knows every decision you will make if your will is indeed yours” you said Not really. Knowing the final result doesn't indicate that you made it happen or even influenced it.

If God created everything, it is illogical to say there is anything that he did not influence. Even so, God need not make you do something in order for you to have no choice in the matter. If you freely choose an action but there is no other possible action, have you freely chosen? If God knows the only possible course of actions you will take, and he knows it leads you to hell, then when he created you, he created you to go to hell. Even if you choose every step of the only road there is for you.

In response to “If what you will choose can be known beyond doubt (whether God chooses to know or not) then you cannot deviate from that which it is known you will choose” you said Perhaps. But you can choose the path that leads to the best overall result with free will as a variable. In other words you(God) pick the path where the most people get saved or where you hit your objective, whatever that is

An omniscient God is incompatible with free will, as demonstrated above. If God is omnipotent, and this world is the best possible world in terms of saving souls, then the world is fundamentally flawed, since more people go to hell than to heaven by many orders of magnitude.

In summary: If God is omniscient, then I can freely choose hell, but not heaven, since God knew my choice before I was created. If God is omnipotent then he determined that a world mostly doomed to hell is the best option. The infinite number of unconceived children ought to rejoice. Odds are that if they were conceived, God had it in for them.

1 point

You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned much of what the rest of the world thinks. That's because I don't care. Most of North Korea loves their great leader. That doesn't mean they are right.

I talked about who loves the police. They are the same types that call for US intervention. They are the moments victims. Once the moment passes, everyone can resume being pissed off. I saw an interview with a rebel fighting against Gaddafi before we intervened. He demanded that we send our jets and our bombs and then get the fuck out because they don't need us. It's typical.

I can appreciate you citing popularity polls. They are pretty important and accurate. They are the reason we know that Trump doesn't stand a chance...

You will have to point out my alternative facts. You had plenty in your initial, boring, pro-ISIS rant.

1 point

While it is logically impossible for people to be forced to freely choose God, it is also logically incoherent that God knows every decision you will make if your will is indeed yours. If what you will choose can be known beyond doubt (whether God chooses to know or not) then you cannot deviate from that which it is known you will choose.

If God can know everyone's future choices, then (according to Christianity) he created the vast majority of his beloved children specifically to fry in an eternal sausage.

1 point

Then why not drop the bullshit and say that.

Even if I agree with the end point, your reasoning is faulty. You will find a world even more upset at the US if we decided to "keep our nose where it belongs"

Everyone wants our might on their side. If we retract from all sides we will be called a complicit party in the ensuing destruction for standing by when we could be stopping atrocities. The victim always wants the police, even if they were yesterday's criminal.

If we simply "butt out", say goodbye to numerous Asian countries such as Taiwan and Japan. Goodbye to some Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and Kuwait. Goodbye to much of Eastern Europe. And hello to a better world free from our meddling. Right

2 points

1- The US also has more crime in general, including crime that is unrelated to guns. That's a cultural and institutional issue.

2- with the countless number of guns already in the US, plus our relatively pourus border, it isn't feasible to disarm the population.

3- I'm sure it varies, but I've never met a cop who takes issue with legal gun owner, even those carrying concealed. Often times they applaud it and thank the law abiding gun owner for following proper procedure.

Amarel(1320) Clarified
1 point

Ghana received 1.01M from the US in 2017. I would have rather it wasn't offered. But if it is offered I would rather it be offered with conditions. And if accepted I would prefer it be accepted with thanks rather than insults. And if it is accepted with insults, I would point out the moral depravity of someone who accepts charity while bashing the charitable.

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