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RSS Amarel

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Amarel(4688) Clarified
0 points

The list is copied, hence the numbers.

Great. Link?

They are all well documented

No, many are just vague subjects in a list from an unknown source. A link would be a great way to show exactly what they are referring to. Saying “well documented” doesn’t mean anything unless you are showing the documentation.

Are you serious? He called them rapists and murderers, don't you remember?

I remember when he called MS13 members rapists and murderers, but that’s what they are. I also remember a manufactured controversy about it. But those are criminals, not immigrants, and they mostly don’t even come from Mexico (though through it). But again, if your referencing more about it, a link would be great.

Amarel(4688) Clarified
1 point

These are all fairly vague, so I can only guess at what you are specifically referencing, since you provide no reference. Putting numbers next to your comments does not make them explicit.

"Black professionals" is vague even with a "1.3" next to it.

If "Barack Obama's citizenship" was not racially divisive when the Hillary campaign cooked it up, then it is not more divisive when Trump ran with it, even with a "1.4" next to it.

"Mexican Immigrants" is a pretty broad subject, and not one I am sure Trump has commented on. It's not actually the same thing as border security by the way.

The "Muslim Immigration Ban" was certainly divisive, that's true. I'll add that to my list. It wasn't, however, race related and ultimately would have had no impact on a person who simply happens to be Muslim, regardless of complexion.

I'll skip down to 3.2 since the ones in between are either to vague to know what you are referencing or are repeats of previous vague references.

The Congressional Black Caucus is a racist organization. I don't know how Trump offended them, but I'm not at all surprised. A quote might help.

Did Trump make derogatory comments toward one of the most corrupt and violent country in the western hemisphere? Did he say something offensive about the one of the countries that scams the US the most? Was that a racial thing? I'd have to see a quote or something. "3.3" isn't convincing enough.

Hurricane Maria. I understand that was a shit show. Can't say that's because of race though. Any evidence other than a "3.4"? What did Arpaio do, that pardoning him is racially divisive?

NFL racial inequality protests found their genesis in a hollow narrative based on "hands up don't shoot" which was supported by 0 statistical data. Nonetheless, celebrities capitalize on this false narrative by signalling their virtue whenever cameras are on. Kneeling during the National Anthem was nothing more than another example of this. Trump was wrong to follow presidential precedent and stick his nose in these non-governmental affairs, but it's not a race issue.

I don't know what Trump said to make Elizabeth Warren lie about being a Native American, but he should apologize. She shouldn't be faking her intersectional credentials and he should be very very sorry for that. When the Cherokee Nation condemned her actions, I hope he was watching and was very very sorry for his non-existent part in the matter.

Who was the "pretty korean lady" and what is racist about her?

Do you believe shithole countries do not exist? Lots of eastern block shithole countries are full of white people. It's not a race thing.

Amarel(4688) Clarified
1 point

and I do mean everything in the literal sense

Literally literal; or figuratively literal?

1 point

He could. He didn't win last time because of how much people liked him, but because of how hated his opposition was.

1 point

I stop in and make posts from my phone 90% of the time. This didn't change in the last week .

Amarel(4688) Clarified
2 points

You are even more stupid than I give you credit for if you expect to convince anybody that you have any Muslim friends.

It's weird to assume the religions of the affiliations of strangers on the internet.

Amarel(4688) Clarified
1 point

I don't know who "Amar" is

You wouldn't. He is a personal friend and not famous at all. Nonetheless, his name was the inspiration for mine.

Amarel(4688) Clarified
1 point

however in a quick search, I managed to find more.

Great. Post em. And then stop expecting your opposition to do the research to make your point for you.

Amarel(4688) Clarified
1 point

You are literally using a Jewish surname as your username.

I thought I invented this name from bits of names of friends of mine. Amar was a Shiite Saudi.

I pointed out that you are a Jew long before we ever had an argument about Israel

That was back when you called everyone who you hated a Jew because you're an anti-Semite and this got a rise out of people. You stopped doing that except with Jews and people who are pro-Israel.

Amarel(4688) Clarified
1 point

I am talking about Charlottesville when Trump was divisive concerning race, yes. I am not talking about the countless other times that people said Trump was being divisive concerning race.

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