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1 point

That’s along the lines of the stereotyping I was expecting and you didn’t disappoint.

The various tribes of the Americas had various cultures, all of which warred with each other. Tribes conquered tribes. Stronger, tribes conquered weaker tribes, sometimes absorbing them, sometimes irradiating them. The arrival of larger, militarily advanced tribes of white men brought people who happened to be better at this game than the local native populations. Helped of course by the diseases the white tribes were immune to, which killed the greater share of Indians. None of this is to say that Natives or anyone else deserves to be conquered, only that they were not the victims of conquest. They were participants and they lost.

Concerned as natives were with their environment, they eradicated every large prehistoric mammal except for the prolific buffalo. This is because, just like everyone, natives were mostly concerned with survival. Before the arrival of the European horse, it was common to run whole herds of Buffalo off cliffs, far more than could be used. They did this out of self-interest above conservation.

There’s a reason that a larger proportion of American Indians join the US Military than any other ethic group. It may be because they have a warrior heritage and are proud to fight for common cause with other warriors of the now dominant culture. Perhaps it’s out of self interested economic reasons. Perhaps there’s as many culturally appropriate and proud reasons as there are tribes. Whatever the reason, it isn’t because they’ve all forsaken the roots that you believe they should have.

It takes a special kind of arrogance to tell a person about their own heritage. If Bronto did lose his legs in the military, then your arrogance is compounded 10 fold. You’re telling a wounded vet that he put his life on the line for the wrong cause based on wrong beliefs about a history and heritage that is his, not yours. No rebuke is strong enough for this kind of shameful display. Go fuck yourself.

PS. Everyone’s ancestors were animists.

1 point

I’m merely correcting your topic title. “If you don't believe a magic God magically popped out of nothing, you worship nothing”. Worshipers don’t worship nothing, neither do they believe a magic God magically popped out of nothing.

Incidentally, everything cannot be contingent on something else without the infinite regress problem. The universe itself has either always been, or came from the nothingness that preceded it.

0 points

America was founded on the best ideals. Since it’s founding, America has lived up to these various ideals to varying degrees. Also since that time, other nations have adopted many of the same ideals that make America great. At times other various countries live up to America’s ideals better than America does. But those great ideals are still very much American. Peace and prosperity have increased as these American ideals become less unique and more wide spread. Ultimately, American greatness has little to do with the country itself. It can essentially be had by any who adopt great ideals.

1 point

Most religious worshippers believe that god is, was, and always will be. They do not believe god magically popped out of nothing.

1 point

“American Indians serve in the US Military in greater numbers than any ethnic group and have since the Revolution”.

Why don’t you explain their heritage so that we can all know how they all fucked up all along the way. What do you understand about them that none of them did?

1 point

How does it feel to have been so thoroughly indoctrinated that you don't even know your ancestors beliefs or culture?

Pretty presumptuous. Why don’t you explain to him, and all the countless native veterans, what they have forgotten. I’m curious what bullshit stereotypes you think will pass as knowledge of other people’s heritage.

1 point

That looks like an answer after all. .

1 point

You don’t need extensive when you’ve got concise. But that’s not really the point. Which of your arguments are better; the reasoned ones or the ass vomit?

Amarel(2942) Clarified
1 point

It’s clear that what I’m saying about you is true simply by observing this site. You are internet-tough with some hard language from a safe space somewhere. Not a shred of application to your rhetoric.

It’s also apparent that you make up baseless lies like this on the spot. Keep going tough guy. You make my point.

1 point

They were good to their people if you discount the mass slaughters.

That’s not even subtle.

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