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RSS Amarel

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1 point

If you love Trump you're a Russia loving anti-American disgrace.

If you promote this kind of hate and discontent, you are marching to Moscow’s orders. They don’t love Trump, they love discord. So do you. That’s my point.

Amarel(2613) Clarified
1 point

If you understood logic, you would see that I am pointing to nothing more than the logical inconsistency of the title and the logica inconsistency of the response. But you don’t.

Neither the right wing title, nor the countering post, were logically consistent as neither had conclusions that followed from their premises.

If it makes you feel good to perceive support where It doesn’t exist, I have a 2016 election to refer you to.

1 point

“Russians Staged Rallies For and Against Trump to Promote Discord, Indictment Says“

And now here’s you. Continuing the Discord. Hmm....

Amarel(2613) Clarified
1 point

I didn’t. My comment concerns logical consistency and pertains specifically to this debate title and to Caurocs response.

Amarel(2613) Clarified
1 point

I saw an abortion protest where they handed out the 10 Commandments and held Bible quote signs. I told them that they are missing most demographics by failing to reach out to atheist, Buddhist, Hindu etc, women who may be considering an abortion. The guy said that those with ears to hear will hear. I told him that the people they are trying to save don’t have ears yet. They will have to reach out to non-Christians if they are to save non-Christian unborn children. He literally said that the non-Christian unborn children are not a concern of his...

Amarel(2613) Clarified
1 point

If the Left likes the wrong people, it does not follow that they dislike good people. Neither does it follow that, if the title is correct, whoever the right hates is also good.

1 point

In the US, many on the Left wish with all their might that political affiliations can be decided by race. It causes some leftists to become exceedingly racist toward a person of a given race that doesn’t fit the assigned political narrative, especially those who fail to acknowledge non-existent oppression (except for Morgan Freeman, who is loved by all).

But no, having diversity and celebrating it, does not necessarily lead to racial and political differences aligning racially. Rather, it often leads to cultural appropriation, which is just fine.

-1 points

People from other countries absolutely have the right to protest here. But they first must have the right to be here. Otherwise their protest may correctly be interrupted by ICE without infringing on anyone’s Rights

Amarel(2613) Clarified
1 point

They would first have to have the Right to be in the US before they can have the Right to protest in the US. If a group of illegal immigrants is protesting, and ICE rounds them up and deports them, no Constitutional Right has been infringed.

1 point

Following your ridiculous logic it should be legal for citizens to own tanks and missiles

Do you know of a police dept with tanks and missiles? Me neither.

Furthermore, the idea of winning an armed conflict against the United States government is deranged

Guerrillas have done it around the world, from Nicaragua to Viet Nam to Afghanistan.

If the US waged war against itself, the military would split as well. If that were to happen, an armed civilian population would be essential to the interests of the people.

I urge you to walk your tough talk and give it a shot but you and I both know that you don’t have the balls

I haven’t presented any tough talk.

Lastly, your idol, Cliven Bundy is a turd who was given nearly free grazing on federal land and was living the American dream at taxpayers expense but even that government gift wasn’t good enough for the welfare cheat. The whole family is a genetically damaged mess.

I don’t agree with Bundy’s position and I found his standoff to be wreckless. The point is that he had a standoff, he hasn’t paid the millions demanded by the government, and a Judge determined not to prosecute for his standoff. His ability to execute a standoff was likely served by high capacity magazines (though certainly did not hinge on them). People don’t want these magazines for deer, they want them for standoff’s, against perceived government oppression. The government has demanded millions from Bundy for doing what his family had always done. He had a standoff, it worked.

If Cliven Bundy and his inbred sons and friends had been any other color they would have all been shot down like deranged dogs.

Yeah like the black mom at Ruby Ridge and all the Mexican kids in the Waco fire. Fuck off with your race pandering bullshit.

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