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RSS Amarel

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Amarel(2026) Clarified
2 points

I know I can get sharp or petty when agitated. Consider this an apology for my part and we can both take a clean slate.

If we can both agree that any assault is a problem, whether it’s a numerically significant issue or not, then you can forego the data on how much it happens (unless it is of particular interest to you).

My primary objective was discussing the basis of your position.

1 point

Anarchy would work only if human beings weren’t human beings. As a human being, I find that world less than perfect. So no, anarchy would not work in a perfect world or any other world where humans are humans.

Amarel(2026) Clarified
1 point

While I agree that we should be concerned about any assault taking place in our prisons, I would like to see you defend this correct position without a giant appeal to authority. Would prison rape be ok if there was no UN?

Also, lacking some data, I see no reason to believe it is happening en mass.

1 point

your mum had Pride in one of her breast and Bigotry in the other and i guess you were a greedy sucking little baby.

Well Jeff, even though you contributed absolutely nothing to the topic at hand, I’m glad you have a firm grasp of how biology works...

1 point

How exactly will Barkley’s make more people rich through hiring if they don’t make profit. And what happens to yacht builders jobs if there is no one taking home enough money to buy yachts. Why do you hate yacht builders? You are economically illiterate, but that’s a characteristic of all communists.

1 point

How does free trade, free enterprise, and stong property rights lead to tyranny?

1 point

What you never acknowledge is that, regardless of the distribution, everyone is better off today than they were yesterday under capitalism.

Under communism, the only people better off are the party leaders, while everyone else gets slowly worse off until the whole fucked up system of theft over production collapses user its own lazy corrupt bureaucratic weight.

2 points

If capitalism were the inferior economy, it would not be in a position to sabotage to the point of extinction it’s superior economic opponent in communism.

Undoubtedly the West took measures against its enemies, but communism’s failures are due to the flaws in its economic theory (if you can call it that). It completely failed to account for basic principles of economics whose absence would have predictable outcomes in paper, which played out in practice with every communist failure.

1 point

Capitalism has made the poor better off than any other system. Better off than any charity, forced or otherwise. Our poor have an OBESITY problem. No matter how well off the poor get, a leftist will say that the rich are so incredibly rich that there is a problem.

The incentive to better ones lot (selfishness), is not a trait to be abolished, but celebrated. The competition within capitalism is the mechanism by which goods and services improve for all. I am optimistic as well, but mine is that these virtues will not be suppressed by the force of government.

Racism is a problem everywhere, but in the US we highlight it and try to fix it. That highlight doesn’t make it more of a problem, but less of when, though it is glaring. The collective view of humanity, required by communism to analyze and equalize the class struggle, is same kind of collective view that breeds racism. The cure for racism is individualism, which is the hallmark of capitalism. Money doesn’t care what color you are.

As for the violence, our criminal justice system is wanting. By I see no cause for it in capitalism and no solution in communism other than communism’s totalitarian nature which Americans would never accept even for less violence.

1 point

That’s some nice rhetoric Nom. That’s the kind of fluff your types have used to fire people up in a frenzy for revolution. As from the pages of a very very peaceful bloodthirsty manifesto.

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