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Amarel(2350) Clarified
1 point

Well yeah. I was only including living conscious things .

1 point

Plants have the lowest conscious level

They actually have the highest conscious level since they do so little else. They actually believe animals have the lowest conscious level because we move around so much rather than sit and think all day. Plants are the greatest victims life has to offer.

Amarel(2350) Clarified
1 point

You really shut me down! Great use of logic and reason to create a compelling argument on an intelligent topic!

Amarel(2350) Clarified
1 point

with the way you deny facts annoyingly

What, like the fact that Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel? Like the fact that having an American Embassy is not what makes a city a capital?

Amarel(2350) Clarified
1 point

You hate me for criticizing your idol

Hm. I always figured that was your issue with me.

Amarel(2350) Clarified
1 point

The prophecy says Trump not America

Well Trump didn’t alter the capital of a nation either.

Is he a trump advisor or vice president?


1 point

Alas the prophecy came to pass, jerusalem is capital of israel

You don’t really think America can determine the capital for other countries do you? Jerusalem was always the capital, the US just decided to acknowledge that.

1 point

Your guardian source has Human Rights Watch alleging war crimes while Israel denying a crime was committed. HRW called on the UN to investigate, since Israel’s investigation showed no wrong doing. I would think the UN would be more than happy since some of the places that were hit were UN aid camps. But I haven’t found the UN report. Just HRW alleging and Israel denying.

As for your other source within a source that has no link and a rediculously biased author, the small arms sniper kills are telltale of his bullshit.

I am not terribly surprised when I see soldiers behaving badly in war zones. But there is no credible evidence that Israel itself is systematically targeting civilians. Indeed, your own source showed that Israel charged their own (for killing a wounded attacker), and then their General admonished the public who was outraged, calling back to Nazi Germany for good measure.

Ask yourself how long a Jew could survive unprotected in Gaza. Now ask yourself how many Israeli Muslims live in Israel with the equal protection of its government. That’s enough to know who has the moral right to exist.

I googled your Pilger quote to respond to it. You have not responded to the PLO leader admitting that they only created the notion of Palestinians as a tool to root out the Jews from what they consider Arab land. You should google it and respond. He goes on to say that if they were successful, that land would all become Jordan anyway.

Amarel(2350) Clarified
1 point

I am an extremely honest person.

Haha that’s right up there with “you can trust me”.

1 point

The General said “If there is one thing that frightens me about the memory of the Holocaust, it is identifying the revolting trends that occurred in Europe as a whole, and in Germany in particular, some 70, 80 and 90 years ago, and finding evidence of those trends here, among us, in 2016.”

This was following the CHARGES filed against the soldier BY ISRAEL. They charged him and it sparked outrage. In the protest “Some of the crowd shouted, “Death to Arabs!” and harassed journalists.”

I’m not lying, you just failed to read the whole source. The soldier who shot a wounded Palastinian attacker was arrested by Israel which caused protests by Israelis wherein they shouted the kind of thing one might expect from Muslims. This is an alarming trend that reminded an Israeli General of the atmosphere leading up to and surrounding the Holocaust. If anyone was reading this thread, they could read it for themselves. As your source proves my point, however, I know you cannot read it.

Notice that I have now addressed your source twice while you have ignored my quote as cherry picking.

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