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RSS Amarel

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Amarel(1581) Clarified
1 point

Ok. Can God be symbolic and say things that are literally not true?

Amarel(1581) Clarified
1 point

Why is the morality against harming others the only valid moral framework?

What do you think about cross dressers or trans people who trick others into a relationship?

Amarel(1581) Clarified
1 point

Jesus said that some bread was flesh and that some wine was blood.

2 points

The high homocide rate is mostly due to inner city gang violence wherein the shooter does not and cannot legally own a firearm. Those are not the people who are angrily demanding that their gun rights be maintained (they most likely have already lost them). As such, the people arguing for gun rights are not likely to be killed off or even be involved in a shooting.

1 point

When doing damage to the target victim is morally justified. Stealing from the enemy in a time of war, for example.

Amarel(1581) Clarified
1 point

Most laws are based on moral reasoning. The notion that you should not lie, cheat, or steal translates into fraud, breach of contract, and theft. Rights are moral notions, as are principles guiding when to abridge or suspend them.

If it is wrong to stop consenting adults from engaging in whatever they want to do, does that mean that whatever they do is right?

1 point

Ensuring that the 4th amendment is maintained while conducting a search is a cop problem. Following the policies of Springfield PD is a Springfield Cop problem, not a general cop problem. Where I live, your stated position not a problem, nor for most places. Since cops don't do strip searches by the side of the road.

I didn't say you are wrong because you are retarded, I said you are wrong because there is no law to support your claim, and you are retarded. That's not ad hominem. You can't even get your fallacies right.

1 point

There is no law. Some departments have policies that could make this an issue, but that does not make it a cop problem. That makes it a problem for a cop in that agency. Department policies are what some officers get hung up on.

I don't believe anyone can simoultaniously be this retarded while being capable of typing complete sentences. Thus, you are just a troll. You have never beaten me in a debate. I'm not sure you have ever even made a good point. You do like to claim it a lot though. Anyway, I thought we were done but apparently I had to explain that policies and laws are not the same thing. But I'm fairly sure we are actually done now.

1 point

he tell's me that he's 'female'. I must now wait and get a female officer on scene to search this fully grown man

There is no law saying you can't search a person you are arresting

Yes there is!

Perhaps you will believe it from a cop…Grossi said…”There is no law that says a male officer can’t search a female subject”

You just proved my point correct!



This sums it up. I think we are done here.

1 point

No curriculum should be mandated from Washington. I'm sure common core concepts and methods are really great for teaching some kids, but not for others. When regulators stick their fingers into the education process, the people we hire to actually teach become very limited in what they can do. The further removed the regulators are, the worse they seem to be. This isn't about common core as such, it's about educational beurocracy. It needs to go.

And it is not necessarily the case that what works in Mass works in Tx. Would you teach inner city Chicago kids in the same way you would teach kids in small town Idaho? No! Ya dun fucked up A-Aron!

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