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RSS Amarel

Reward Points:4910
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Amarel(4910) Clarified
1 point

You can’t seem to derive context from sentence to sentence within the framework of a paragraph. That explains a little of your comprehension issue.

the rightful return of this wealth

You’re disgusting.

-2 points
-1 points

It’s nice to see that you’re catching on to the fact that socialism only works as promised in magical fictions where goods and services are literally free.

Amarel(4910) Clarified
1 point

My local Senator...hmm. I don’t think it’s a matter for the local Senate.

1 point

Stupid insults and attacks are still stupid when they rhyme.

There’s plenty wrong with things the way they are. But I’m too busy pointing out the stupidity of your utopian totalitarian bullshit that there’s no time to discuss practical problems or solutions. You know too many things that aren’t true for us to even begin from common premises.

Patriotism isn’t nationalism, nor is it a crime to be guilty of.

The state should be subordinate.

Capitalism isn’t the reason there are haves and have-nots. That’s a natural condition. Even the possession of qualities of merit can’t be earned. What Capitalism is, is the best, most successful, and most Just way to to put wealth into the hands of the otherwise have-nots. If you knew the first thing about economics, you’d know that. If you understood the Marx you claim to have read, you’d know why it necessarily fails.

Keep putting your stupid shit in the form of rhyme though. That way at least there’s one clever aspect to it.

Amarel(4910) Clarified
1 point

If you were to look at those pictures without knowing who posted them, would you assume the poster hates liberalism?

1 point

Probably the best thing about Trump being elected is all this kind of ugliness coming to light in a way that everyone finally cares about. They never used to care, and they still wouldn’t care if he hadn’t been elected. We wouldn’t be hearing about dossiers or political insurance policies, that’s for sure. If people hate Trump, and he is the swamp, he could actually cause people to clean it up a little. Ironic.

They won’t impeach, but if they did that would be just fine.

1 point

You are imperialist as evidenced by your support of illegal invasions

You are probably talking about Iraq. Which is an invasion I don’t support, given all the facts and hind sight. But it wasn’t illegal, which makes Nom cry a bit.

you are nationalist as evidenced by your nationalism

I’ve railed against nationalist economics and protectionism. You just confuse liking one’s country for nationalism. How nationalist am I when I argue that many of our problems stem from our culture? Probably super nationalist..

you are corporatist because you think corporations should be allowed to influence politics with their corporate interests

I’ve railed against corporate welfare and argued for a separation of politics and economics. A free market is often very much not in a corporations interests. But free speech is free speech no matter how much money you have or how big your platform.

you are authoritarian because you suck Trump's balls

I’ve never met the guy, don’t like him, and didn’t vote for him. I’ve said repeatedly that he didn’t win because he is any good, he won because Hillary was so bad. I’ve also railed against totalitarianism at every turn, including the kind you’ve admittedly promoted.

you are elitist because you think wealth is the direct result of being better than everyone else.

Arguing against you that wealth doesn’t make a person evil is not the same as arguing that wealth makes a person good. There’s your logic skills in action.

I said you say stupid shit, and you didn’t disappoint. You want to hate me for all straw man positions you suppose about me. That’s because you actually hate me for demonstrating the absurdity of your position so goddamn always. This little rant of yours is a nice case in point.

Amarel(4910) Clarified
2 points

He was sued by the state the first time. If they did it twice that would be discriminatory. But he was sued by a private person the second time and for something slightly different. The third is by the same private party, but it won’t go anywhere in the courts if it’s not a new issue. While the private party may be doing it for activist purposes, we can’t block people from using the justice system.

Amarel(4910) Clarified
1 point

Mostly only for you. You’ll get over it. .

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