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Mack's Reward Points: 312

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Are Nazi's allowed to participate in debates here? If they are I'm gone.
1 Added Argument God gives Christians the wisdom to admit our own sins. Non believers refuse to do so.
1 Added Argument Plants don't want to be eaten
1 Added Argument Would this site be better without names?
5 Created Debate Would this site be better without names?
1 Added Argument What Is Outside The Universe?
1 Added Argument Still only one person with the guts to answer the questions. Ask yourself why no answers?
2 Added Argument Train Moral Dilemma
1 Added Argument Is Facebook 'suicide monitoring' good or invasion of privacy
1 Added Argument Myers-Brigg Personality Test: What is Your Personality Type?
1 Added Argument Am I the youngest person on create debate?(not including the grade schoolers who
1 Added Argument Who here is represented by only one account?

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