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Mint_tea's Reward Points: 2951

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument Which takes more courage? To BE a racist or to STAND up to one??
3 Added Argument Do you support stricter gun control in the US?
1 Added Argument Community Service: Discuss what you have or would like to engage in (if anything)
1 Added Argument What do you think of when you hear the term, "American Dream"?
2 Added Argument Trigger warning: is saying the N word always racist?
1 Added Argument The last discovery Stephen Hawkins couldn't prove to the world
1 Added Argument Does God go above and beyond to save us?
3 Added Argument Is God faithful?
1 Added Argument Have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day!
2 Added Argument Is Trump a disgusting vulgar man? Should he be defeated for no other reason than that?
1 Added Argument Does President Trump support vaccines?
2 Added Argument Will you follow the rules?
1 Added Argument Do Atheists/agnostics have superior moral compasses?
1 Added Argument What do you say to a raving [email protected]@hole who has power over your job?
8 Added Argument Do Republicans support abortion when their girlfriend is pregnant?
1 Added Argument Support C D and Andy
2 Added Argument Florida tried to make semi automatic rifles illegal! You liars say that would not happen!
1 Added Argument Is there is any way to eliminate human feces forever...?
2 Added Argument Should One Parent Generally Stay at Home with the Child(ren)?
1 Added Argument Conservatives are happier than Liberals
1 Added Argument Jesus is the God of the Bible. Read for proof.
3 Added Argument Is Tupac dead or alive?
1 Added Argument Should we tear down senior parks to build skateboard parks
3 Added Argument Hillary fell down twice in India & then griped and made excuses for why she lost.

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