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RSS Dolorem

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1 point

I believe once maybe in middle or high school - they should learn the basics like math, ELA, science, social studies, etc. Then the students should have some mandatory classes like P.E and maybe some others... But then I believe that the students are ready to choose the classes they want to take.. And in what subjects.

2 points

Honestly, if the earth is flat, then why are no other planets in the solar system flat? You can see the moon, right? Also, explain to me the day - night cycle then. Why is it daytime in only some places if the earth is flat? Also, explain seasons to me then. Is it always winter and nighttime on the bottom side of the 'flat earth,' or does the earth flip like a pancake every day? This is such a stupid debate, it's obvious that the earth is not flat.

1 point

I believe you are correct-- and I think also that Christianity is just like a mythology that may have had some real people in there. I agree with your point about the war and people saying some normal guy was the "Messiah," but maybe this Jesus person was a very nice person who may have been a good example for the kind of religion they were creating.

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"I'm Dolorem. I'm nobody from nowhere, and I was never born."

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Name: Dolorem Idonthavealastname
Gender: Fellow
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States

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