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RSS DragonBorn

Reward Points:279
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

In Florida it's easy to get away with shooting someone as long as they're on your property.

1 point

Middle school children need to learn the languages of foreigners ? Don't think so but keep trying to defend it okay !

There is nothing wrong with learning other languages, only a white nationalist would think so.

1 point

If illegal aliens want to assimilate then they need to learn English okay !!!!!!!!!!

Obama agrees with you, but he also thinks it's generally a good thing to be versed in multiple languages. Why is it bad for Americans to learn spanish?

1 point

Did the Nigger say this ???????????

Obama was absolutely correct, only in the rotten mind of a right winger is being bilingual a bad thing.

What about understanding other cultures and languages frightens you? is it the fact that you would have to learn something and use your non-existent brain or is it your white nationalist views?

0 points

Your Nigger should have made it mandatory that children in middle school learn to speak Arabic !

You are not edgy or cool, you are the reason the right wing are called racists.

1 point

I believe capitalism is a “Jew” plot - I wholeheartedly do. I don’t believe Hitler was racist in genetics - he just realized that Jews dominated the capitalism scheme

You're making real socialists look bad. Hitler wasn't a fucking national socialist he was a far right wing fascist dickhead which is proven by his actions and how he simply co-opted left wing ideas to gain the support of the working class.

1 point


As always, I can trust a right winger to cherry pick something and use it to flip reality face down ass up. But I will not let you molest the truth this time, because the greatest enemy of the Nazis was actually Marxism.

The Nazis co-opted Socialist and Marxist ideas but did not put them into practice.

"The political views of Adolf Hitler have presented historians and biographers with some difficulty. His writings and methods were often adapted to need and circumstance, although there were some steady themes, including anti-semitism, anti-communism...Hitler personally claimed he was fighting against Jewish Marxism"

"Hitler and the Nazis promoted a socially conservative view concerning many aspects of life, supported by harsh discipline and a militaristic point of view.[73] Conservative opinions about sexuality amid the Nazis led to extreme homophobia which resulted in the systematic persecution of homosexuals"

"Since democratic ideals espoused equality for all men, it represented to Hitler and his Nazi ideologues the notion of mob rule and the hatred of excellence"

"Although Hitler realized that his ascension to power required the use of the Weimar Republic’s parliamentary system (founded on democratic principles), he never intended for the continuation of democratic governance once in control. Contrarily, Hitler proclaimed that he would "destroy democracy with the weapons of democracy."[99] The rapid transition made by the Nazis once they assumed control clearly reveals that Hitler succeeded in this regard."

"In Hitler's mind, communism was a major enemy of Germany, an enemy he often mentions in Mein Kampf. During the trial for his involvement in the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler claimed that his singular goal was to assist the German government in "fighting Marxism".[102] Marxism, Bolshevism, and communism were interchangeable terms for Hitler as evidenced by their use in Mein Kampf"

"Later in his seminal tome, Hitler advocated for "the destruction of Marxism in all its shapes and forms."[104] According to Hitler, Marxism was a Jewish strategy to subjugate Germany and the world and saw Marxism as a mental and political form of slavery."

"Because Nazism co-opted the popular success of communism among working people while simultaneously promising to destroy communism and offer an alternative to it, Hitler's anti-communist program allowed industrialists with traditional conservative views (tending toward monarchism, aristocracy, and laissez-faire capitalism) to cast their lot with, and help underwrite, the Nazi rise to power.[114][115]"

2 points

LOL. .

DragonBorn(279) Clarified
1 point

He is far too much of an outsider, it all looks extremely impressive & undecipherable to him, and Nom therefore puts it, and the people attached to the "clubs" up high on a pedastal.

I don't think so. Nom does believe in the mainstream to a large extent when it comes to physics but then again so do you. That does not mean he reveres the "club" as infallible or doesn't understand science.

it is more whether or not one has wisdom to comprehend the situation, as a whole.

I think Nom does, which is why I became his ally. The thing about Nom is he can be very particular about the way things are presented and phrased, and very intolerant of anything he identifies as wrong. This leads to hostility and I think his hostility towards you is making it hard to see any of his redeeming qualities, and he also is having similar trouble with you since you attack him as well.

It took me a long time to get over that and break down the hostility.

Frankly, you and Nom are in two different intellectual classes--you the superior, and Nom the inferior. It is why you are able to see through "Priest Class" illusions to a degree (among various other societal illusions)--which i guarantee will increase orders of magnitude once you begin making notable progress in those particular studies i.e. Universty level Phys/Math/etc.--while, Nom lacks the aptitude to break the spell, as of yet.

Nom is smarter than me in certain ways, and I am smarter than him in others. But trust me when I saw this, if he was a "sheep" I would not be his ally or have the respect for him that I do.

1 point

Go ahead ban me again it’s the only way you scan save yourself from a further thrashing

Mingi exposed you calling him a nigger in PM then you accused me of calling you a nigger. I literally don't take you seriously or give a shit what you think because you're a dishonest little piece of shit and I am your daddy.

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