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RSS Swryght

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Swryght(160) Clarified
1 point

This may be the most transparently, soul-baringly honest post I've ever seen on this site.

1 point

LOL. I'm agin' it! Seting aside the fact that I disagree with this gent (seems I don't have any sense), His reasoning is flawed. The gay men and lesbians in his hypothetical death camp could still reproduce if they wanted to. I can't believe I'm dignifying this video with a response, but it gave me a good gut laugh.

1 point

I do not think it is a mental disorder. I am arguing against that position based on the reasoning that this psychiatrist has stepped beyond the bounds of his expertise and is rendering values judgements rather than psychological assessments.

2 points

So how many people have you stoned to death for working on the Sabbath?

2 points

A social scientist who understands human nature will not dismiss the vital roles of free choice, voluntary cooperation and moral integrity — as liberals do.

This is a quote you put at the top of the page. Here, he is appealing to the values of freedom, free will, and moral integrity and claiming that liberals dismiss these things and are therefore irrational and mentally ill. Claiming that someone does not adhere to a set of values and is therefore mentally ill is, any way you slice it, a values judgement.

3 points

Thank you for the thoughtful reply. You've raised some of the legitimate criticisms I mentioned of cultural relativism. However, I am willing to bite the bullet and say that I accept the implications of cultural relativism that we can't accurately judge the moral status of those on an alien planet or if the government legalized murder (heck, according to some people, it already has -think of war, capital punishment, abortion as some contentious examples). Still, I feel the need to reiterate that even if certain values systems are deteriorating in the way you have defined the term, values are also changing and being reconstituted to reflect changed circumstances. This is not a feature unique to "today's" society as you have framed it. Values have been changing since day one.

Swryght(160) Clarified
2 points

Thanks for letting me know, Jace. I was a little unsure of which word I should use, and I can see why transgender would be the more inclusive term.

3 points

In the name of decency, please stop posting this hate speech video. It does nothing to advance the discussion on this issue, but instead adds only potentially hurtful invective. Again I remind you to keep in mind the suicide statistics among gay teens. Even if you don't agree with the message of the video, spreading it around heedlessly is just too risky--human lives are at stake. Please read the phrase again and keep it in mind before you post here again.

2 points

Alright, you got me. After this laughable post I'm convinced you are conducting a very clever and convincing satire here. I refuse to believe a thinking being with the capacity to use a computer would honestly believe that gay marriage means Christians will be forced to marry gay people, or that Christians won't be able to marry legally.

2 points

The truth is most homosexuals are rapists and pedophiles and commit acts such as sex with animals

Where are you getting your facts, dude? Most rapes and instances of pedophilia are committed by straight White men. It is absolutely false that most homosexuals are rapists or pedophiles. Sex with animals is called zoophilia, and is distinct category of fetishism. Incest? Where are you getting incest from in all of this?

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