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RSS Belle_1998

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I don't think that was evidently backed up. Not all is forgiven in every religion. in Protestant Christianity it is believed that you will be judged and depending on how you lived you would be excepted into Heaven or rejected into Hell. However, in Roman Catholicism, it is believed that all will be forgiven.

Thank you

1 point

I strongly disagree. I don't think that trying to find a point for religion is necessary. We live in a free world and need to respect that religion is a choice and people choose to believe in ancient teachings. I would not class these teachings as "fairy tales" because they are mostly morals taught to people through examples which are formed into stories to help us understand what they mean by these teachings. It would be hard for us to understand things unless examples are given. The tales in holy books such as the bible aren't necessarily meant to be taken seriously and possibly aren't meant to be perceived as fact based and completely true. Again, they are examples of how to lead a fulfilling and happy life by respecting others. Religious communities, in extreme cases, can be quite competitive and controlling but, for the most part they are not. People often see people who teach religion as higher in power when, in fact, they are not, they are merely people who lead and teach. Where would we be without some sort of leadership? what would our world be like if we had no one to show us correct ways and how to do things?

Also, faith is an interesting topic. It means to have complete trust in someone or something. religious people do have faith in their religion and where would we really be if we didn't have faith? If we didn't have faith in our governments (who, may I just add, also lead and there is often disputes about power, so before questioning the rank of other communities, take a look at your ever day life) where would we be?

you should never class someones life and belief as "ridiculous" before clearly looking into it and having an almost perfect understanding of it, which you clearly don't have, otherwise there wouldn't be as many flaws in your argument.

Thank you

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