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RSS Divinesunset

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1 point

A standing army will make the country more powerful against other nations as well making the country more organized because laws will be enforced. “What about the standing army being tyrannical?” you may ask. The answer is militias staying, but just being regulated. This will be your protection.

(Constitution Article 1.8 enumerated powers—340)

1 point

I understand your anxiousness to have a standing army, but what you don’t understand is that militias are still intact. They will just be regulated and have rules for training, stocking armories, and staying up to standard. The reason for this is so that if the standing army is unnecessarily forceful, you have a protection. Yay!

(Constitution- Article 1.8 enumerated powers)

You can find this on page 340 paragraphs 2-3.

1 point

There will be checks and balances! (Federalist 51) It's you anti-federalists that are manipulating the system to get rid of all your debt!

1 point

You are making an interesting claim, but a strong government has checks and balances (Federalist 51) as well as representatives that you get to vote on in your state! The common man is going to manipulate the system for debt forgiveness, but elites will represent common people and LONG TERM interests. (page 304) Since you don't like the necessary and proper clause, would you be fine with no healthcare, schools, or banks?

0 points

Federalists are not trying to take away your liberties and your ability to participate in government. We just want to provide a stable government with highly educated people so that decisions aren't selfish and manipulated for debt forgiveness. (page 300) Your power to vote on your representatives will protect revenue bills.(page 303) Although James Madison said that people in power will be selfish, good government will not depend on good people. It will depend on structure that keeps interests and people competing and putting brakes on each other. (page 302)

3 points

A large republic with a centralized government is the best idea for our government structure because it will have a larger talent pool and checks and balances.

(Federalist 10)

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