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Should Skin Color Matter?(The Definitive Qymosabi Battle!)

Qymosabi seems to think that Skin Color is more important when handling a person than who they are. I beg to differ. In a world where people are starting to rise together in a world community, should we look back on what has already happened and let the rage fester?

Come on Qymosabi. If you want to debate, we'll debate. Who do you think has the highground? The racists who are fueled by what has happened far in the past, or those who don't see skin tone as a factor anymore?

Edit: Changed to should. Maybe that'll clarify some things.

Edit 2: Fixed Definitive. Man that's embarrasing.


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Hell yeaahhh


Only in certain things though...

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Morgie7171(85) Disputed
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How? if they were white and had the same personality it wouldnt matter!!! Its all color stupid

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Now why would someone's skin color have anything to do with who they are. Hmm... I wonder.

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Should skin color matter? No.

Does skin color matter? Hell yes.

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does it matter to me? no. but does it matter to a lot of people year...thats why there is so many issues with people

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I just don't know how we would determine victims though if skin color didn't matter.

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obviously not that would bring so many problems out here in the world again.we would go back in history and again apartheid would begun. that would be disgusting.

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It's like comparing a brown horse to a white horse, they're still horses, there's no difference. But some people seem to care...

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