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Vandalism is peace Peace is slavery
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Vandals Target Home Of Trump Impeachment Lawyer

Vandalism is peace

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Peace is slavery

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Vandals Target Home Of Trump Impeachment Lawyer

Hello T:

OMG! They spray painted his driveway... IF only Trumps mob had spray painted the street..


Side: Vandalism is peace
BaloneyHead(93) Disputed
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There were multiple people shot in Seattle where the left took over a block of Seattle for a month with guns. ANTIFA tried to take over a federal courthouse in Portland using fire bombs. These same left wing groups rioted, looted, and caused $2 billion in damages. The group you are so mad at had no guns, took over nothing, and was let in by Capitol guards according to videos of the scene. See how misinformed and hypocritical you look?

Side: Peace is slavery
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Slightly less extravagant and alarmist as you want it to be.

Someone spray painted "Traitor" on his driveway. No other instances of vandalism has been reported. I'm not saying this is ok, it's not. But it's certainly being hyped up and it certainly looks like it would just be from one person, not multiple.

Side: Vandalism is peace
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It will be important to note and log this event as it will probably herald the start of a campaign of ever escalating, in frequency and severity, tit-for-tat attacks by Trump's shithead followers vs Biden's shithead supporters.

Biden and his witches ( the thick fucks ) just couldn't wait to start the civil strife which would inevitably follow the impeachment trial regardless of its outcome.

''We just have to proceed with the impeachment process at all costs'' said the supercilious little sparrow-fart .

The twisted minds of the spiteful Democrats just couldn't see beyond their irrational hatred of the Big Oaf, Donald Trump and foresee the national divisions this futile act of vindictive mindless political thuggery would cause and will continue to cause for the foreseeable future.


Side: Peace is slavery