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Why aren't Whites supposed to be proud of their race & culture?

Black History month. Good. White History month. Racist.

United Negro Fund. Good. United White fund. Racist.

Black colleges. Good. White colleges. Racist.


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The Bongos have to humored' just like potentially naughty children.

There is some festival, in the U.K, I think called,BLACK WOMEN IN MUSIC.

If a similar annual event called white women in music was organized the sanctimonious liberals would be demonstrating outside the event's venue bellowing protest slogans and waving RACISTS OUT placards as well protesting outside the Houses of Parliament.

Blacks are significantly more racist than whites and are given encouragement by permitting them to brazingly flaunt their racist events without challenge.

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Because being proud of something you don't have anything to to do with is not really helpful.

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I never said that police haven’t killed people illegally. I’m just pointing out facts.

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I know, huh? Its total hypocritical bullshit perpetrated by libtards and arrogant but actually inferior minorities in the USA.

A unemp!oyed reverse racist uneducated nigger can go around wearing a Black Power hat all day and nobody cares. He will probably get some good comments.

If I wore a White Power cap they'd be people who want to string me up by my bollocks. How is that not reverse racism and hypocrisy?

Just like affirmative action.


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mjpz(1) Disputed
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At least you admit you are a racist. Reverse racism is you saying that "you're not going to treat me the way I treat you." Coward.

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Isn’t it funny that all of the black movements i.e. BLM. List MLK as one of their mentors. But didn’t MLK specifically say, "I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character". And a lot of these groups are out their valuing black lives more than everyone else. And, it seems, to at least BLM, that a black mans life only matters if the police kill him LEGALLY. It’s idiocy.

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NumberOne(442) Disputed
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It seems, to at least BLM, that a black mans life only matters if the police kill him LEGALLY. It’s idiocy.

I'd love to see you support that statement with literally anything, you delusional moron. Read:-

I watched the video of this just after it happened and the guy did literally nothing wrong. He tried to break up a fight and the police used this as an excuse to shake him down because of his priors.

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White Pride doesn’t have be hate. I don’t hate Blake people. I do honestly disagree with blacks and whites having kids. It’s not hate because I have black friends who agree with me! It’s not color of skin - it’s your belief system

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No one should find pride in the category they arbitrarily belong to, especially not a category as superficial as race. Nor is it the case that culture necessarily accompanies pigment. That is to say, skin color does not determine one’s culture.

Pride should be reserved for individual accomplishments.

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