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You have a right to be believed


You do

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Due process

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If you wait 36 years to accuse someone the Democrats said they would obstruct regardless of qualifications, you will not be believed.

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regardless of qualifications,

Hello Crappy:

He might be a VERY good judge.. But, he also MIGHT be a serial groper. We'll NEVER know. But, since this is a LIFETIME appointment to the highest court in the land, I'm thinking we can find another VERY good judge who ISN'T a serial groper..

Truth is, Crappy, I WANT a conservative judge who'll interpret the Constitution AS WRITTEN. I'm sure Trump can find another one..

Frankly, I find the Constitution to be a VERY liberal document.


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I am God.

You have to believe me because I "have a right to be believed."

(Now, send me 10% of everything you earn.)

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You have a right to give us a reason to believe you, and not 35 years later when you get paid off by Democrats to slander someone.

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This is ridiculous. Do you have the right to voice your opinions and accusations? Yes. So does your accused in their defense, as well as the right to due process. Sorry, being a rape victim sucks, but if there's not enough evidence to convict then they fucking got away with it. Presumption of innocence is one of the main pillars that holds our modern justice system together. And yes, I'll keep a rapist on the street if it keeps an innocent person out of jail. Don't like it? Buy a gun, and next time they try to rape you, shoot 'em in the dick.

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I think it's more, you have a right to be heard. You don't have a right to be believed but you have the right to show your evidence and let someone else decide if they want to believe you based on the evidence.

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