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RSS KastaWraith

Reward Points:26
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1 point

Romney's vote doesn't put it anywhere closer to impeachment. You'd need 63 votes. They got 48. The end.

2 points

Obviously a foreigner who is behind on American news. Romney and all Democrats targeting Trump, have ties to the corrupt Burisma company in Ukraine. This has all been an attempt to shut down investigations into them. Only unlike Republicans in the past who backed off when feeling threatened, Trump doesn't give a shit. They're getting investigated. They ARE going down. mueller-clinton-are-tied-to-sketchy-ukraine-deals

1 point

I blame the Democrats who set it up. The Republican caucus in Iowa had no problem.

1 point

Ha ha. It took me a moment to figure out what you had done there.

1 point

NASA should definitely pursue going to other planets. We may need resources from them in the future.

1 point

Truthfully, Republicans don't LOVE the Jews.. NOBODY loves the Jews, except the Jews..

I love the Jews, & I am a Republican.

Evangelical Republicans BELIEVE the only way the Rapture can happen is when the Jews gather themselves in the Middle East.. So, they WANT 'em to congregate in Israel.

I have no idea what you're talking about, and neither do you.

But, when the Rapture DOES happen, NO JEWS will be allowed to ascend to heaven.. They'll have to convert first, or God will MURDER them..

The truth is that God defends the Jews, bringing on the end. You have no basic knowledge of the topic.

So, they don't love the Jews.. They wanna USE the Jews. Truthfully, that ain't any better than out and out hatred..

They're commanded to love and support the Jews. That's why Democrats can't shake off our alliance with Israel; right wing politics founded on this very idea.

1 point

You've already admitted to having 500 accounts.

3 points

He butchers grammar often on this site. He'll spell check you on Google, then turn around and puke out an ungrammatical sentence. His use of punctuation is the worst of all members on the site.

KastaWraith(26) Clarified
2 points

Yet cannot get a job or any money. Is it worse to be stupid and in poverty, or to claim to be smart, and still be in poverty?

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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