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RSS PinkGremlin

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

You mean when they screamed in their faces, tried to defund and get rid of the police alltogether, and began giving them orders from Democrat mayors to stand down during riots? What exactly would you have done? We both know you would have done as the anti gun nuts all command and never pulled the trigger because guns are bad. You would have thought there's some mystical way to stop this killer without a gun. As you espouse in other debates.

1 point

Crime has increased dramatically because cops are AFRAID to enforce the law

Can you even hear yourself? Do you even have basic self awareness? The left demonizes cops all day and night, goes after them if they even look at their gun, and is now amazed that cops are skiddish about doing things that will require them to pull their firearm?

2 points

With the filibusters help, the Senate Republicans won.

They didn't need a fillibuster. They had the majority and voted it down. What?

2 points

Must have been one heck of a long lunch.

1 point

Do you think the libs want your guns to CONTROL you, or SAVE childrens lives?

Let's use leftist logic here. Armed civilians have saved childrens' lives. You're not anti children are you? Well you must be. You're against a guy having a gun after he saved childrens' lives with a gun. You are anti children.

1 point

They were pro second amendment until they started waving the Communist flag a few years back. And Communism can't exist within an armed populace. Up until about 5 or 6 years ago a liberal pretty much looked like a modern day Republican. Up until very recently the Democrat position on the border was to protect it, on abortion was legal but rare, their position on speech was free speech even speech you hate, and on guns they were in favor of the 2nd Amendment. Today they are none of those things.

1 point

Yet you still lick the boots of the party that forced businesses to close, demanded you wear a mask, and demanded you get a vaccine that the Democrats themselves said was dangerous and rushed just months before. Are you trying to convince us that you're stupid? If you are, you're doing one heck of a job.

1 point

On the ground you support censoring a story about a politician's son, censoring doctors, censoring scientists, sex trafficking on the border, men winning women's sports and awards, killing babies, 5,000 gender identities and handing over our country to the Chinese Nazi state.

1 point

None of that is Socialism. That is Capitalism funding public works and programs via taxes. Socialism would be the government owning Walmart and McDonalds and everything else you see including your business. Socialism doesn't need to tax anything seeing that the government owns everything and there is no private property of any kind.

2 points

OMG! This nom fuck is going back to ALL my posts and voting them down

Nobody cares.

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