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RSS PinkGremlin

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Is all immigration good all of the time?

Hello M:


Do you support 5 million right wingers moving to Arizona?

0 points

A guilt by association fallacy, huh? You were wrong about this thing, therefore you are wrong about this different thing?

In this case, the person has been wrong every time horribly, and this time is no exception.

2 points

Mein Fuhrer is bat-shit crazy, just like the last one ;-)!

Do you ever actually address the topic?

0 points

It's a perfect storm of stupidity combined with insanity and the right wing propaganda machine constantly fucking with these morons tiny little heads. It's almost like the Walking Dead where the zombies mindlessly walk around doing stupid shit. Republicans have less situational awareness than a damn zombie.

The left burned down its 90 percent Democrat cities, then tried to claim they're fighting the right by killing each other and killing more people in a week than all police departments combined last year. Wake up dumbass.

1 point

Your ideology encourages sex changes for children. Get help. Then come back post help.

1 point

From the same genius who gave us these priceless gems

A guilt by association fallacy, huh?

You say a lot of Hitlerian things, so you are guilty of Nazism by association. You are also guilty of having sex with 6 year old girls for defending Muhammed. You are a sick little puppy. Your nipples are getting hard as you read this.

2 points

Gandhi Was a Racist Who Forced Young Girls to Sleep in Bed with Him

Be the self-righteous misogynist you wish to see in the world. us/article/ezj3km/gandhi-was-a-racist-who-forced-young-girls-to-sleep-in-bed-with-him

0 points

With their re-election in doubt, the right wing will ABANDON Trump with abandon..

From the same genius who gave us these priceless gems:

Mark this moment, Kavanaugh is DONE!

Mark this moment as the beginning of the end of Trump and the GOP. Kavanaugh is finished and what comes next is a political bloodbath for the GOP. The House will turn blue and very likely the Senate will as well. Finally! thismomentKavanaughisDONE4


Tom Arnold Says He’s ‘Taking Trump Down’

“This dude has all the tapes — this dude has everything,” said Arnold of Trump’s former lawyer. us5b2cff6ae4b0321a01d087a8


Young man, are you looking forward to going to war?

Well this is your lucky day! Better get ready to go, cause John Bolton loves war.

Uncle Sam needs YOU! manareyoulookingforwardtogoingtowar


The Mueller investigation is about to lower the boom on Trump

I know you radicalized Reich wing extremists will deny this just as you deny most other reality,

but your wake up call is very near. MuellerinvestigationisabouttolowertheboomonTrump


Trump is making his move against Mueller. How will America react to his firing?

It's clear that Trump is about to get Mueller fired which will be a turning point for the United States. Will we tolerate a totalitarian regime or will we finally stand up to Trump's tyranny? ismakinghismoveagainstMuellerHowwillAmericareacttohis_firing

1 point

You are so fake that you won't even stay on the same account

What do you mean Hootie?

2 points


Guilty of what?

are destroying the promise of civil rights!

In what way?

The rest of us whites feel no guilt, we're fighting FOR them!

No you aren't. The left keeps offering blacks just enough to bribe them to stay as second class citizens, and it's for your ego rather than their well being.

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