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RSS Smilnjan

Reward Points:116
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2 points

Everything on this Earth, and the Earth included, has a circle of Life. People included. We have lived before, and we will live again.

-2 points
2 points

I'm quite sure it does. And I have seen other people driving crazy and they are on their phones. But, it doesn't stop anyone.

2 points

Not so much 'worship' as respect and revere. But, yes, it is a Earth based belief.

2 points

So saying, you can definitely use this argument for any organized religion. How many wars were fought in the name of Christianity? I believe religion is being used as a springboard for certain people to force their views on others or to get power or stay in power. If one feels that others that do not believe in what they believe is a 'lesser being' and chooses to go to war or be active in terrorism, that isn't necessarily the religion itself, but the persons interpreting said religion. Many people believe that those active in the Church of Satan are violent people, but the ones I've met, and I've met a few, are very peaceful people.

Supporting Evidence: Official Church of Satan website (
1 point

I guess you were part of the 10%. And I could have backed it up, but can't find the stoopid article. You know, bookmarking helps...

So, I rescind my 90% and just say, "In my experience most people who....." :-)

0 points

Also speaking as a woman with experience with both - cut is nicer. It is, in my opinion, harmless to a baby, and more attractive to many women. But, I wouldn't refrain from having sexual relations with a man I'm attracted to just because he is uncut.

0 points

Are we debating guy 'n' guy love, or girl 'n' girl love too? I only see references to guy sex/love. Got another debate about that....

Supporting Evidence: More Homosexuality Debates (
1 point

Totally disagree - the more people, the more jobs. Also, I've discovered that 90% of the unemployed in the US are unemployed because they are just lazy, or refuse to take a job they feel is 'beneath' them. Any work is good work. The only problem right now with jobs is outsourcing our jobs to cheaper countries. So, needless to say, IMHO, jobs is not a legit argument. :-)

1 point

Agree - Really don't care. But, offspring can be a little messed up genetically.

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Winning Position: Coke

About Me

"Forgive me if I ramble!"

Biographical Information
Gender: Female
Age: 53
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Via IM: imsmilnjan

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