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You're wrong, he hasn't posted anything in 17 hours, the same time I created this debate.

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Isis came into existence as a result of a power vacuum created when GWB invaded and occupied Iraq and completely upended the balance of power in the middle east. He was repeatedly warned by dozens of knowledgeable professional military and civilian people that he was making a mistake by invading Iraq but he completely ignored all advice and sent our military into that quagmire and sent over FOUR THOUSAND American soldiers to their deaths (in addition to coalition soldiers deaths) and caused tens of thousands more to live with permanent life long injuries.

Not a single 9/11 hijacker was from Iraq.

Saddam was contained but Bush claimed that he wanted to kill Saddam because "he tried to kill my daddy".

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Since I started this thread Outlaw69 has gone silent and I wonder why that would be.

Do you know why Andy?

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Andy, are you one of the trolls here? Is this site your very own troll sandbox?

Are you Outlaw69?

I can't help but wonder.

As you can see I'm fed up so I don't care if you ban me or not. I've had it.

Andy, if you're not a troll yourself, why are you so troll friendly?

Other sites are able to control this, why not this one?

You complain that this site doesn't make any money, but you allow trolls to run people off.

I see no logic to this being a troll site unless you gain something from it.

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Here's the thread I'm referring to and this is just one of many similar examples.

Why are you so over the top troll friendly Andy? ShutsDownGovernmentInEpicTemper_Tantrum#arg948897

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After the next congress is seated, should Trump and Pence be removed from office at the same time Nancy Pelosi will become the President of the United States. The far right fascists will go on a rampage.

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You're anything but stupid in fact you're amazingly gifted. But yes, sometimes obnoxious.

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Closing number of 22,445 today means that Trump’s gains are disappearing fast and next week is certain to be worse.

The Trump train wreck continues.

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I feel like I'm in the back of a school bus headed downhill on a steep mountain highway and I look up and see the driver slumped over the wheel and there's a sharp curve just up ahead.

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Now that's exactly the kind of stupidity I've been looking for. Thanks for playing and thanks in advance for the next dozen or so identities you'll use so I can get those on my enemies/ban list too, much appreciated.

Now to expose your pathetic lies:

The DOW was almost 20 thousand (the Dow closed at 19,827.25 on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2017 and was trending upwards) and at the moment I post this it's at 22,960.54 and falling precipitously which at the moment gives Trump a gain of only 3,000 for the nearly two years of his tenure so far and because it's falling off a cliff at the moment it will be even less on his administrations two year anniversary.

When Obama took office the DOW was 7,550.29 and sinking fast. We were in real danger of a world wide economic collapse. Obama saved our economy, America won and you lose as always.

The last administration sold our weapons grade uranium to Russia

Debunked over and over and over and over and over, but keep trying liar.

What a waste of time you are. I've wasted 20 minutes of my life that I'll never get back pointing out your lies. I won't be wasting any more time on you.

By the way, I want to point out that I'm not against dialog with sane conservatives but I won't waste my time dealing with delusional cultists.

Rusticus(1606) Clarified
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I don't see you being obnoxious or stupid. I've read a few of your posts and I sort of like you - so far.

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And that's exactly how I do it too. It's so nice to never hear a peep from attention demanding idiots like Outlaw69 for example.

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You won't see the usual suspects on this thread, I've blocked them. When the duplicates pop in here I'll ban them. I've built quite a list of them and I love adding to it.

It fascinates me to see the level of insanity of the Trump cult worshipers. Very few have fallen away to date. Trump might be a terrible President but he's a very effective cult leader.

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Oh I forgot to add that we're headed for the great TRUMP shutdown, the 3rd government shutdown of the year which will further crash the stock market and the economy. This moron is headed for impeachment and will be the first president to be impeached and then either forced to resign and flee the White House like Nixon did or be forcibly removed from office and then put on trial and sent to spend the rest of his days in prison. I only wish we had the balls to try him for treason and when found guilty, stand him up in front of a firing squad but I know that's just a fantasy.

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Let me rephrase that: You're the guy sitting on the rail road track insisting that the approaching train isn't real and can't hurt you.

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You're the guy sitting on the rail road track wondering why it's vibrating.

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Nixon should have gone to prison. I didn't get that at the time and voted for Gerald Ford (the last time I voted for a Republican) because I thought Ford did the right thing by pardoning Nixon and allowing the country to heal after the calamity Nixon brought about. I regret that wrong headed rationalization now. Ford set what has become considered by most to be a precedent that means that a President can't go to prison.

Obviously that was a mistake and we should reset that precedent now.


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I think it's probably more likely that Andy just hasn't got a clue how to stop him. It's very difficult to get rid of malicious trolls when they are determined enough.

But other sites are able to control this. Why not this one?

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I agree with your point of it being a problem that Andy should be able to fix. Maybe Andy agrees with the far right agenda?

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I'm not sure you know how right you are. Trumps grandfather founded the Trump family fortune on prostitution and fraud.

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I love pointing this out to Trump worshipers, I like how it makes their heads explode just a little.

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Najveća prijetnja interneta predstavlja sposobnost loših aktera (pojedinaca i zemalja) da sada imaju sposobnost da dezinformiraju javnost na velikom mjerilu, zbunjuju i utječu na percepciju javnosti pomoću laži. To je upravo ono što smo nedavno imali u Sjedinjenim Državama. Russi su uvjerili značajan postotak naše populacije da se ne mogu pouzdati u naše legitimne medije, a milijuni se sada okreću desnim krilnim propagandnim strojevima za informacije koje su varljive i temelje se na lažima. Oni nastoje šivati sjeme nezadovoljstva i podjele koja slabi zemlju i daje im prednost. Ovo je vrlo opasna situacija i nemam rješenje, ali znam da moramo naći jedan.

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I picture Brontoraptor as Russian troll, perhaps several different trolls using Bronto's various identities working in a Moscow troll farm.

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@johnthethird - You would get a lot out of Active Measures, unfortunately it's not available (or at least not in any way that I've been able to discover) to watch without purchasing it in digital form from iTunes.

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