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Then you're just as fucked up as he is if not more so. Idiot

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Why are you assholes even responding to this Nazi fuck bitch using a swastika avatar like that's perfectly OK? What the fuck is wrong with YOU?

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I didn't say it should be removed from anything. I said it shouldn't continue to be printed on future CURRENCY because it's anti-American to do so.

How about in Bugs Bunny we trust? Makes just as much sense. No wait, Bugs Bunny is real. Never mind.

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@LittleMisfit - "You might as well put him on sex toys."

Ha! Good one!

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What's cuyrrency?

Do you mean C U R R E N C Y?

Of course I know what you meant. My point of view is this: Why the hell is "In God We Trust" on my money? It's not constitutional.

If it were up to me all new money would be printed without any religious references.

By the way, The United States of America is NOT a Christian country, no matter how much you want to pretend it is.

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@marcusmoon -

Why do Republicans all of a sudden think it's ok to add another one and a half trillion dollars to the national debt?

Why do the rich need a big tax break?

Who do you think is going to be expected to pay the bill when it comes due?

Guess what party wants to do away with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security?

I believe that the GOP plan is to bring the economy down and then tell us we have to give up Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security (<-- the one their banker buddies want to bad they can't stand it) in order to save the country.

I'm near retirement age and after paying for those things my whole life I'm not in the mood to watch the Republicans steal it all at the exact same time I'm retiring.

What's so wrong with the economy we have now that we have to give the rich a huge tax break? The economy is just now recovering from the last Republican financial crisis. Ever hear the adage; 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'?

Are you aware that the tax breaks for the working class melt away after a few years while the tax breaks for the rich are permanent?

Do you like being used?

Oh and by the way, THANK YOU PRESIDENT OBAMA for pulling our nation back from the brink of a world wide economic collapse and implementing the needed measures to do so despite constant and vicious attacks from the Republicans and other Reich wing nuts. At the time we were told it would take about 10 years to recover and now after 9 years it's obvious that you did exactly the right thing.


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It's just the usual cry for help and insatiable craving of attention.

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@ FromWithin - How do you not get it? The Republicans LOVE abortion! They now have the White House, the Congress AND a right wing Supreme Court which means that NOW is the time they've (supposedly) always waited for to change the law and make abortion illegal from coast to coast! They would have a very good chance of overturning Roe vs Wade if they wanted to but obviously THEY DON'T WANT TO!

They finally have the circumstance they've always pretended to need and NOT A PEEP about abortion! I've pointed this out to you many times yet you keep PRETENDING the Republicans are against abortion. THEY AREN'T, because it's THE BEST VOTE GETTER THEY HAVE. Get it????

The Republicans are the LAST entity that would EVER end abortion because they use the abortion issue as a carrot on a stick to lead simpletons to the voting booth every election cycle. I'll say it again, Republicans absolutely want abortion to stay legal so that they can use it as a straw man to rally against. They love to lie to you and promise to do away with abortion just to get your vote and then when you put them in office they say and do NOTHING to change the laws and yet year after year, decade after decade, you never question their motives. How pathetic.


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When I was a kid and a young man I was a homophobe but then I grew up and eventually I voted for gay marriage here in WA state (passed) but I'm uncomfortable when I see two guys kissing. (which I rarely do) Not sure if that makes me a homophobe or not but it is what it is. By the way I would never be in favor of any legislation that took away any rights from anyone based on sexuality or ethnicity or religion. Well, maybe Mormons. Kidding.

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I disagree, in the long term Roy Moore in the Senate would mean more GOP losses in 18 which could turn over the Senate to the Democrats. But this tax bill is so nasty, if this election means killing it I'm ok with it. Then again killing the GOP tax bill would put the GOP in a panic which is always good. I admit I'm conflicted.

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By the time Trump is finally frog marched out of the White House and off to prison it'll be clear that Pence is also up to his ears in treason, so Pence will probably join Trump in a posh country club prison although I'd much prefer to see them both face a firing squad.

By that time the Democrats will control the U.S. House of Representatives.

How do you like the sound of President Nancy Pelosi?

Just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?

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I don't see auras and I have no idea what your individual energy is.

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I can feel myself being driven out of here.

I've had a rough year so negativity is the last thing I need and this site is a black hole of negativity.

Not only is it mentally ill, it's mentally corrosive.

I have a heightened awareness of energies and there's a lot of dark energy here. It's unhealthy.

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Just what the world needed, more chaos in the middle east.

Trump is either out of his mind, completely evil or both.

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This morning I realized that I had an incredibly clear image of Jesus Christ on my toast. I ate him head first and he was delicious.

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"The thing about mainstream Republicans that really strikes me is that they are, in general, absolutely massive liars."

Republicans have no sense of shame which means that the GOP is a sociopathic entity. The Democrats just made a huge mistake by forming a circular firing squad and crying for the resignation of Al Franken thinking that by doing so they'll be able to shame the Republicans into forcing Roy Moore to give up his candidacy for the Senate. Ain't gonna happen because the Republicans have no shame whatsoever.

This comes from the merging of the Republican party with the Evangelical bowel movement. One of the tenets of Evangelical Christianity is "Lying for God" which means that it's perfectly ok to lie as long as that lie promotes God or Christianity which of course means that you can't believe a single word any evangelical Christian (or GOP'er) says because they'll make up any lie they want and justify that lie by pretending they're "doing God's work". They literally shamelessly lie, which means as soon as you know a person is an evangelical you have to assume that every word that comes out of their mouth is a lie.

In other words, they're all psychopaths.

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Brontoraptor isn't evil he just craves attention. He's a victim of several mental conditions and possibly some physical as well and is probably a jobless shut-in who lives with his parents which would explain his ability to have a continuous 24/7 presence on this web site.

Bronto, getting a job would make you feel a lot better about yourself. It could drastically change your life for the better. Eventually your parents will die and by that time you'll be middle aged with no resume and no marketable skills. Do you want to live out the rest of your life in a poverty level nursing home?

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Of course, gay people should have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us, why not?

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Trump and his family are going to prison.

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Yes CNN and MSNBC are biased, they're biased towards reporting facts instead of lies.

Supporting Evidence: (
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I keep thinking you can't get any dumber but you keep topping yourself.

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Explain your vision of how the United States would implement an abortion ban.

Give the details of how you could possibly do it and enforce a ban for example, would you force women to undergo pregnancy tests once a month? Would you lock up women who you suspect might get an abortion? Would you put women who get abortions in prison?

You won't give the details because you can't.

Now go ahead and do what you do best, ban me.

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I'm guessing he won't pardon him because it's a given that congress would immediately move to impeach him if he does that but since Trump is a completely out of control psychopath it's impossible to predict what he might do which is exactly why we have to get him out of the White House and into a Nut House as quickly as possible.

I've been making as many bets as I can that Trump will be removed from office before he finishes this term.

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@ ilike2debate

Thank you very much.

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