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So cops are thugs and it's best to bow down to them?

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You are really messed up.

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If that coffee shop has good doughnuts those cops are pissed.

Seriously, I don't like the way the story sounds but I'd like to hear the shop owners story.

Maybe cops killed someone in his family, who knows?

I'm sure there's more to this story that we don't know right now.

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What we're seeing now in no way compares to anything we've ever seen before. Never before has a President of the United States been accused by more than 20 women of inappropriate sexual behavior.

We've never had a President of the United States caught on camera saying he regularly engaged in sexual assault.

We've never before had a President of the United States sue a porn star for 20 million dollars to keep her quiet.

I could go on and on but there's really no point. I won't even get into the ongoing investigation of Russian collusion.

It's completely hypocritical to be ok with Trump's behavior given Clinton was impeached for his.

Hypocrisy abounds

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Not a Nazi but constantly defending Hitler. hmmmm

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Rusticus is my one and only name here.

I have no time or desire for another.

Sorry to disappoint the paranoids.

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@ AmericanNaziYouth - I wonder if you even realize that your comment WAS a troll? I'm guessing not.

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@OmegaPan - Are you saying that you believe that the longer your family has been in America the more patriotic you are?

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I'm not sure if that comment was directed towards me or not but in case it was I have this to say:

I'm not playing ANY games. That was the first time I've ever reported anyone (as far as I can remember).

If some punk troll makes a comment like that about my long dead mother, instead of doing the stupid thing

and replying with an equally nasty comment which that troll will report me for (because THAT is the REAL game)

I'll just report the troll for.............trolling. For once I didn't do the stupid thing and get myself reported.

So spread the word, I'm not falling for trolling anymore and I'm not going to put up with beyond the pale insults.

There are plenty of insults I'll put up with because after all it's the internet, but my dead mother is out of bounds.

Also, I'm giving myself points for being up front about the report. Ever heard of anyone else doing that?

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Shouldn't you be in school?

Is that the problem with you, no school?

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I just reported you and I feel really good about it.

Just thought you'd like to know.

I'm not playing your game anymore.

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I misspelled a word. The horror!

By the way, I changed it before you posted your

comment pointing it out but thanks just the same.

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Kids often behave like children. I have no doubt that had the miscreants themselves

experienced the horror of a school shooting they'd have been taking it more seriously.

Just because they didn't all take it as seriously as they might have doesn't detract from

the efforts of the heroic kids who've courageously launched a movement that hopefully will

save countless lives in the future.

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Are you in a hospital now?

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So, in your diseased mind, if you say "Be gone", I disappear?

Just curious.

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@ Mingodalia - Because you're insane, I'll try to remember to pre-block you from now on.

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@FromWithinAnInsaneAssylum - Sorry but had to ban you and I'll ban you every time you try to hijack a debate

of mine and try to make it about your usual nonsense. Bye!

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Looks like I've found a sore spot.

I love finding sore spots.

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Safeway cards are linked to facebook? What the hell!

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I follow an eagles nest cam in D.C. and once in a while I go on facebook to catch up on what's going on with the nest but I have a phony alias that I use. Because I don't link to anyone I'm not involved in any personal interaction. I hear from co-workers and friends about all sorts of nonsense that I'm glad to not be a part of. My sister has been after me for years to get a real account and I've repeatedly told her I won't submit to the data mining and intrusion. Now that we know the Russians are deeply involved in facebook I know I made the right decision.

I also hate how insidious facebook is in how they try to lever their way into our lives. I needed some cabinets a while ago and went to the store where I w was told I needed to log into facebook in order to choose what style of cabinets I wanted. What the hell? No sale. F facebook.

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I hope the anti-gun movement continues to grow until assault weapons (or should I say Deer rifles as the NRA pretends they are) are gone gone gone.

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Your lack of intelligence is the insult here.

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I'm not a sinner because being an atheist I don't believe in the concept of sin.

If I do something wrong I own it, rather than pretending to be forgiven.

If I do it I own it and take responsibility for my actions because I'm a grownup, no freebe’s for me.

The whole concept of 'forgiveness of sins' is psychopathic.

Kill, rape, steal then go to church, get the slate wiped clean and start over on Monday.


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I'd need to be made some promises that'll never be delivered such as instant wealth,

long life and health, life after death and lots of great sex.

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