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Best not to feed the troll. I don’t read any of his posts. He’s just a deranged attention craving no-life shut-in of absolutely no consequence.

Pathetic mental case is in love with me and frustrated that I ignore him.

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Sorry excon, but dozens didn't die on a Duck Boat in Seattle. Three years ago a Duck Boat had a mechanical malfunction (it fell apart) on the Aurora Bridge in Seattle and it collided with a tour bus killing 5 people.

My opinion based on my 40 plus years on the water and frequently driving the streets on the Seattle waterfront where these boats operate is that Duck Boats are a menace and should be scraped. First of all many of these boats are 75 years old and they were never intended to haul elderly civilians, they were intended to ferry soldiers from ships to the beach in beach assaults. They aren't really a boat and they aren't really a bus. They worked great for their intended purpose but their intended purpose wasn't to haul elderly civilians.

I frequently drive over the Aurora bridge and have followed these vehicles over that bridge many times. I give them as much room as I possibly can because they're so obviously dangerous. They're too wide for the bridge and too wide for the streets in Seattle on which they travel. They're so old that they're falling apart (and the owners obviously don't do the necessary maintenance) and that's exactly what caused the 5 deaths on the Aurora Bridge 3 years ago.

As a boat they're a sick joke because the hull integrity is terrible. The hulls are 75 year old aluminum. Think metal fatigue. If there's a breach in that 75 year old hull that stupid boat could sink very quickly because the bilge pumps can only do so much providing they've been properly maintained and function as intended, but if a seam rips open those pumps might not keep up. To make maters worse, these "boats" have a lot of weight that normal boats don't have. They have all the heavy running gear of a WW2 era truck, frame, axels, wheels, leaf springs, brake drums or disks and everything else you find under a truck. The weight of all that gear can only cause it to sink more quickly.

And then there's the greed component. That these operators would allow a piece of crap like that to operate on rough water while full of civilians should be cause to run that operator out of business forever.

Put the old ladies on a nice comfortable bus and haul them to the waterfront and then put them on a good seaworthy and safe boat.

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Apparently you forgot the Republican propaghanda machine called FOX News that was up Obama’s ass 24/7 for 8 years.

Sorry little Trump cult worshiper, your Messiah is going down even harder than he went down on Putin the other day.

But go ahead and keep pretending it’s all ok, it’ll just add to the entertainment value when reality finally bites you in your dumb ass.

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Yes there seems to be no end to the Obama economy but don’t fret, Trump will wreck that too soon enough.

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I don’t disagree with any of that and I’d even go even further. Trump has gone bankrupt several times. His son is quoted as saying that cash wasn’t a problem for the Trumps because “the Russians” were always ready to contribute. Russia is a kleptocracy and Putin is the head of the Russian Mafia.

I’m convinced that Trump borrowed a lot of money from Putin’s Russian mob which means that Putin owns Trump.

I find it fascinating that the Mueller investigation indicted 12 of Putin’s guys just a couple of days before the big meet in Finland. Not only were indictments made, but specific actions were described in some detail. I believe that this was the United States intellegence gathering agencies sending Putin a message and the message is: “We’re all the way up your ass and deep into your shit. We’re the REAL hackers asshole, and we’ve got you by the balls!”

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Get your hand out of your pants.

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It's now clear to any sane patriotic American that Trump is a traitor.

There's every reason to believe that we're at a tipping point and the inevitable fall of Trump has finally begun and since we know that the bigger they are the harder they fall, this will be one for the ages.

I can only hope that the GOP and the radicalized fascist bowel movement that took it over will never recover.

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You quoted Rudy Giuliani?

Has it really come to that?

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@ Jacob - And you wonder why I blocked you.

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@ Dermot - You're stalking someone from one Debate to another with a running argument.

If anyone's a dick it's you. Being a pretend bully on the internet means you're

even more ridiculous than a real bully.

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Your obsession with him proves that Nom has taken your mind. He owns you.

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I’m not knocking the gay lifestyle, I’m just not interested. I’m hopelessly hetero.

How do I get him to leave me alone? Being stalked is no fun at all.

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A lot of Republicans have won Wisconsin. This is something that Trump didn't have to lie about but he did. Like most pathological liars, Trump often lies when it would be easier to tell the truth but his default is to lie. It's just who he is. Normal people have some sense of shame. Trump has none.

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Get over me, move on.

Rusticus(1387) Clarified
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Yes I completely agree, his family should never suffer financially for his heroism. I'll be on the lookout for a fund started to help them and will post a link if and when I find it.

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This is gonna make one hell of a movie.

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Remember Petty Officer First Class Saman Gunan who gave his life working to save the trapped soccer team.

Supporting Evidence: Petty Officer First Class Saman Gunan (
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American Idiot lyrics

Supporting Evidence: American Idiot lyrics (
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There's a British campaign to make American Idiot the number one song in Britton, just for Trump.

The baby Trump blimp is hilarious, it's holding a cell phone!

Supporting Evidence: American Idiot (
Rusticus(1387) Clarified
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excon, I sent you a message

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Here's a simple question: Why is it that when the Republicans have both houses of congress, the White House AND a right wing supreme court, they do NOTHING to outlaw abortion? And don't pretend that they have to wait to get another right wing judge on the court because they don't. They could pass legislation to damage Roe v Wade and have done nothing. Trump hasn't spoken out against Roe v Wade. They've promised for decades that if they ever got to the exact position they're in now they'd take Roe v out but instead they do NOTHING. Face the truth, the GOP leaders just play you for fools and you never learn. They'll NEVER outlaw abortion because it's the perfect tool to get you evangelical zombies to vote their way.

They'll get this jackass on the court and still they'll leave Roe v Wade just as it is.

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I’ve had numerous experiences with ghosts starting when I was a child. I didn’t understand what I was experiencing when I was a child and lived most of my life as a total skeptic so the way I see it, people who’ve never experienced anything supernatural are probably going to be skeptical and I think that’s the way it should be. It’s always good to be a skeptic. Supernatural experiences are disquieting(speaking for myself). If for example, a person sees a ghost, that experience can challenge how he’s used to perceiving reality or it makes you more likely to sometimes question reality and frankly that's deeply disturbing or at least it has been for me. I’ve found myself on a few occasions when I’ve encountered something strange, (I found a guy laying in the road in the middle of the night) wondering if it’s supernatural or not. I’m only speaking for myself. I only know one other person who I believe has had supernatural experiences and we’ve spoken very little about it. I’ve never belonged to a group or anything of that nature so my point here is that I don’t know if my experience is common or uncommon but I sort of feel that I’d be better off if I’d never had any supernatural experiences at all. For me, it’s been more a burden than a blessing. I don't understand why some refer to it as a gift. I know my views are contrary to many of the ghost hunting shows on tv but it is what it is. I suppose everyone is different, I know I am.

So I would never try to convince anyone that ghosts are real. I think I envy those who can remain skeptics.

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How is Trump dividing America?

Bwahhhh haaa haaa haaa haa haaa haaa!

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Let me save you some time. I won't be following any links or reading any copy and pastes from any deranged Trump worshiping Trolls.

That's policy and it cannot be changed.

Oh, and this will be my last reply to you.

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