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Which one was your favorite ;)

What's a little trolling among friends ;)

I just threw up a little in my mouth ;)

Doctors have been over-prescribing antibiotics for years and have inadvertently forced bacteria to evolve to the point where the antibiotics are no longer effective. These "super bugs" are extremely deadly. By putting antibiotics in the oceans, they will expedite the problem.

But hey, I'm just a troll on a debate site ;)

Eeewww ;)

How could he have confused deep crevices for bumps ;)

I thought her husband was blind ;)

Except Maxine Waters. No amount of alcohol can make her beautiful ;)

If you vote Dummycrat, you should change your name to Lamont. You big dummy ;)

The answer is in the name. Dummycrats! Who wants a dummy in office ;)

Don't forget to say it with a smile ;)

It could work for you too ;)

But that's just mean. We need a kinder, gentler site ;)

They are going to hand Trump another win ;)

Just trying to advance the urban language ;)

Really ;)

Good ;)

How did you make that jump ;)

The movie industry only pays lip service to being all inclusive but in reality, they are a bunch of hypocrites ;)

No, not really ;)

If you like bananas..., sure. Whatever floats your boat ;)

I likes melons ;)

Because, like true liberals, they are hypocrites ;)

It means to go to your backyard, dig a hole, bury the hatchet and then make a map of where you buried it, in case you ever need to dig it back up again ;)

It's all for entertainment purposes. They don't really want to impeach Trump. They want to be able to use the same tactics when it's their turn at bat ;)

You ought to what? ;)

A smidgen ;)

Because He knew his messy death would be a record breaker that would stand the test of time ;)

And I meant Bob, not Rob ;)

We need to put (Darwinism) natural selection back into society. We need to put chlorine into the gene pool ;)

There are signs on hair dryers that say, "Do not use in shower." If the people who need that sign are still alive, then Natural Selection hasn't figured out a way to weed them out. ;)

Yes, but mainly because of the entertainment factor ;)

I just want to see if Bro is going to pipe up ;)

That's the only reason I got the sign. No one has rammed my car since I got it!!! It's been working out great so far. ;)

It also gags you sometimes ;)

Angel nappy pubic hair ;)

Maybe nappy angel hair ;)

It's your own dumb ass fault ;)

That pretty much sums it up ;)

For me, face palm Sunday is when you get on this site on Sunday morning and read some of these debates/arguments ;)

Those fuckers ;)

I would have voted for one of the other two choices ;)

I would like to see one of those guys throw a rod ;)

I say "ship 'em!" Let the sanctuary cities sort them out (or not) ;)

-1 points

It's just a matter of time before their hypocrisy is undeniably exposed ;)

It would be ironic if they refused to provide refuge ;)

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