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Angel nappy pubic hair ;)

Maybe nappy angel hair ;)

It's your own dumb ass fault ;)

That pretty much sums it up ;)

For me, face palm Sunday is when you get on this site on Sunday morning and read some of these debates/arguments ;)

Those fuckers ;)

I would have voted for one of the other two choices ;)

I would like to see one of those guys throw a rod ;)

I say "ship 'em!" Let the sanctuary cities sort them out (or not) ;)

-1 points

It's just a matter of time before their hypocrisy is undeniably exposed ;)

It would be ironic if they refused to provide refuge ;)

Kill them all! Let God sort them out. That's his job ;)

I couldn't agree more ;)

I couldn't agree more ;)

I agree with you ;)

That last lesson comes in handy here ;)

I agree with you ;)

I agree with you ;)

I agree with you ;)

To not argue with fools ;)

Are you suggesting they start making baby uggs ;)

It is because I know that I don't have to run marathons that I don"t run marathons ;)

At my age, nothing makes sense any more ;)

At my age, nothing surprises me any more ;)

Well..., you do have to allow a president some perks. Otherwise, who would want to be president? ;)

The report is finally out ;)

Scientists tend to find what they are looking for ;)

Well..., I can only give you one up vote but you're still in the hole. Who did you piss off ;)

I can only up vote you once so if you get down voted again, you are on your own. We are against the same people but we call them by different name so... ;)

I think that's supposed to be a turkey voting for Thanksgiving ;)

Good luck with that ;)

They claim it's true ;)

I'm only here for the trigger words ;)

Oh..., I'm sorry..., did I hurt you feelings? This debate is not a safe zone. A lot of trigger words will likelybe used. Debater discretion is adviced ;)

Well..., they say hind sight is 2020. Let's see what happens then ;)

Liberals have 79 different genders ;)

OK, then, I guess I can refer to them as Neolibs if that makes you feel better. But those 5 things you mentioned were originated by Americans. Before we split ourselves into 2 political parties. Compared to places like Russia, I can see how those ideals can seem liberal. American conservatives are Russia's liberals. OK, I get that. But American liberals want to change the constitution. Make it more like Russia. I guess politics is a circle and the definition of left and right depends on your perception of where you are on that circle ;)

Liberals are more likely to believe in climate change ;)

The Declaration of Independence is a conservative notion. It basically says "We don't need you to take care of us, we can take care of ourselves." Liberals want to be taken care off by the government. They are like, "Here, take my money in the form of taxes and buy health insurance for me because I don't know how to adult."

The Constitution is similar. It basically says that the government is not the boss of us. We are the boss of us.

It's not like in Russia were Puttin is the boss of you and if you speak out you end up in Siberia ;)

More like, we are being overrun by pussies ;)

In a Dysney movie with animals, which group (prey or predator) would you expect to start singing one of the following:

1. Give peace a chance by John Lennon

2. Imagine by John Lennon

3. This land is your land by Woody Guthrie

Have I made my point ;)

I have no idea what a fuck nugget is. In the future, could you please use a combination of words that everyone can readily understand? Try something like: post coitus menstrual extract. Or, how about this one: post sodomy anal seepage. Or, this one: anal/cuntal oosing essence ;)

Climate change is like the weather. If you don't like it, just wait long enough and it will change. The word "change" is even in the name! It's called Climate Change for a reason. They expect it to change. And, like the weather, we can't change it. So..., I hope this new information has changed your opinion ;)

I guess the reason libs don't change their opinion is because they are not functioning adults ;)

I don't have a stalker. Not sure how I feel about that ;)

At least ;)

And how's that working out for you ;)

Most days, I think people come here on CD after drinking a few beers ;)

; )

Supporting Evidence: (

The internet is in dire need of a sarcastic font ;)

Everyone here should be on this side ;)

Well..., what can you do ;)

Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww ;)

It is what it is ;)

That's pretty much it ;)

People read what they want to read, not what's written ;)

And if I have ever made you smile, then my job here is done ;)

I don't know how to fix the problem ;)

People voted for him, so... ;)

Trump was able to become president, so... ;)

You are in control of the rip cord. You have the option of how you want to die. If you want to be eaten by cannibals, pull the cord. If not, then don't. Your choice ;)

For international flights I recommend you also add an inflatable raft. At the very least, make sure you grab your seat cushion before you jump ;)

I may not be a Christian but I do know how to make holy water. You boil the hell out of it ;)

When I rolled my eyes upward at your pun I noticed my ceiling. It's not the greatest ceiling in the world but it's up there ;)

The bee's knees ;)

I always wonder why libs get so worked up over stuff ;)

Sure! What can go wrong? The worst that could happen is that they'll stage a protest/sit-in and 10 people show up and the media will make it look like hundreds and then it will all blow over ;)

Actually, I perform it for them every now and then ;)

And your brother Russel thought his name was Dammit ;)

And it is because of your father that, between the ages of 5 and 7, you thought your name was Jesus Christ! ;)

You have cat to be kitten me right now! Cat puns? Really? ;)

Obviously you've never seen the video Bill Cosby Himself ;)

Then drive him to the pound and tell him:

You know..., I rescued you from here and I'll send you back... And doesn't matter to me none 'cause I'll just pick another one that looks just like you ;)

If it doesn't mean much..., why use it ;)

Threaten to put him on E-Bay ;)

joecavalry(37349) Clarified
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So..., I'm guessing he just follows the teachings of Jesus even though he doesn't believe Jesus is God and that is what makes him a Christian. Right? I don't even follow Jesus' teachings ;)

If the Earth were flat, cats would have pushed everything off the edge by now ;)

Thanks for sharing ;)

joecavalry(37349) Clarified
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But..., I don't believe Jesus Christ is God. How can I be a Christian? And once in college a female Born again Christian was lecturing women (telling them not to have premarital sex). When asked if she herself was a virgin she replied that she was a Born Again Virgin. I asked he if that was as good as the real thing. So, you see? I doubt they'll let me join ;)

joecavalry(37349) Clarified
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I've been called racist, bigot, homophobic, you name it ;)

It's like a badge of honor. Once they start calling me names, my job here is done ;)

There's a reason I've been a member since the beginning ;)

joecavalry(37349) Clarified
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You need to commit acts

Well..., that hasn't been my experience. I have said stuff like, "Over there, by that black person." and I was called racist. And the thing is that it is not possible for me to be racist because I'm a minority myself. Only white men can be racist ;)

I love that thing! I got one for my friend's dog but it is his grandson who uses it a lot. So much so that his wife is forced to hide it. The sound drives her nuts ;)

I'm not religious. But I have realized that most liberals have a simple view of the world. I mean, think about it. Anyone who disagrees with them is either racist, misogynist, homophobic, bigot, etc. I hope you're not one of those..., but if you do turn out to be one of those..., Thanks for supporting my world view ;)

Do I detect a smidgen of sarcasm ;)

Of course! The bigger the buffoonery the funnier it is ;)

Are you saying that liberals and those who follow Radical Islam have rights and conservatives and Christians do not? I mean, I believe fetuses have rights but liberals do not believe that. I believe that American citizens have been granted certain rights by the constitution. I don't hate fetuses nor do I hate people in general. I do not want my right to bear arms to be taken away. And I do believe that liberalism is a mental disorder ;)

Actually, I pretend to not know anything ;)

I support neither ;)

I thought you said you knew how to use Google ;)

Well..., it seems like our approach to this site totally confuses GoldTop ;)

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