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Get Rid Of Sharia Law Courts in the UK?


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We can't get rid of them. The liberals are hellbent on turning the West into the threshold of hell. Surely the Muslims will be peaceful as they merge towards the majority in the West. No. We'll look like the Middle East, and all nonmuslims will be genocided, just as the Quran commands and just as they do everywhere they have numbers.

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There aren't any sharia courts of law in the UK as such. There are sharia councils, but there powers are limited to cases of marriage and divorce for the most part.

Having said this they have been under investigation for corruption, in particular the mistreatment of women through forced marriages.

I believe the UK should be entirely secular with regards to laws, even seemingly minor ones such as marriage and divorce. I don't doubt they have helped people, but I don't believe it's helped any more than the regular courts could have done, and in some instances have actively harmed the quality of peoples lives through sexism which I can only assume was fueled by their religious beliefs.

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we know not everyone believe on what one religion believe.

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