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Is Rachel Maddow simply an illogical clown show?


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What like literally or figuratively? You'll have to tell me because I don't know who she is ^.^

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Then you'll have to watch the video and watch her "perform". She's an MSNBC leftist hack.

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Hello bront:

Doctor Rachel Madddow earned her doctorate in Political Science from the University of Oxford where she was a Rhodes Scholar...

She has a Phd? You probably don't even know what that is..


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1)That PHD doesn't seem to be helping him/her from being emotionally unhinged and manial. People with PHDs have went out and raped, murdered, and even committed treason. I have a monoply card that says "get out of jail free". Think it will save me from jail if I commit a vile crime?

2)Do you respect a wartime veteran more or someone who stayed on the mainland and made a career out of school, whining and being outraged?

3)If I get a PHD will that make me right? Is Ben Carson smart or correct in your sight?

4)There are people with multiple PHDs that think she's a nutjob.

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excon(5754) Disputed
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Hello again, bront:


Look.. Your hatred for gay people clouds you from reality.. Someday, perhaps, the cloud will lift.


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