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Is "certified organic" nothing but a marketing ploy for overpriced food?

Marketing gimmick

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Pretty much true.

But then all the other foods should be labelled "poison" anyway.

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It is dangerously close to being meaningless, but it isn't strictly a ploy. It's misused to the point where I ignore it. If you want genuine organic food, your only real option to make sure is to grow it yourself.

That said, when you do, with care, you can have fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor, and high in vitamins and minerals like you almost can't get at a store, unless you're damn lucky.

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It refers to the woman aspects (the emotional aspects of the raising of the plants and animals):

1) The animal or plant grew with natural methods. From the food to their habitat ball were as close to raw nature as is possible for a farm.

2) The sex or asexual pollination was naturally done. The animals and plants were not artificially pushed into reproduction.

In theory, point one alone is organic but both are true for the certificate.

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