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True wait..., what? No!!!
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Life is a big waste of time and yet people loath the alternative.


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wait..., what? No!!!

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I like life and the alternative. Give me your best shot. I'll flap my ass to safety.

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Even though people are dying to get into the cemetery ;)

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Wait...., what? NO!!! The cemetery is the LAST place I want to go! I spent too much time MAKING time to consider it a waste! ;-) The only alternative I loath is the alternative "truths" I keep hearing lately!!!

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ViceVega(12) Disputed
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Jesus is getting closer Al. Better keep staying in denial until the sand runs out.

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AlofRI(2369) Clarified
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Thanx for the advice, I will. Even if I'm wrong I feel I've a better chance at "the good afterlife" than many who say they believe because I'm not a Christian racist, a CYA Christian, a rich Christian, (As Jesus has allegedly said: "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to go to heaven.)" Oh JEEZ! maybe that means I have to spend eternity with Trump! I better join the CYA bunch! …. or become a Buddhist … or a Muslim, … or SOMETHING that believes in some other fairy tale. NAH! I'll take my chances. I've met too many Christians I detest! A lot of good ones too, but, the ratio isn't promising, so, maybe I'll see you in hell?? ;-)

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outlaw60(13815) Disputed
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AL if you are hearing to much of the Alternative Truth then get away from the DNC Media !!!!!!!!!!!

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Life is a gift from God...............................................................................................

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I'd start a hobby and get my eyes at least 15 inches away from media screens. Then I would beat the sun and everybody in my home up at dawn and break a sweat in the yard. I would then study the bee's and the busy they are. Yes, life still feels vain, but now I have purpose and a routine that helps others. Oh, Saturday you say...…..Alternative ass flapping day. dry, rinse, repeat until your dust in an urn getting thrown by your grandchildren's buddy who was available to clean your children's house out after they died, or your white washed sepulcher has aged 75 years and your name is unreadable and toppled over by drunk teenagers on a Saturday night. You are not legend, you are not God. You must stay and suffer like everybody else until the weekend comes around.

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