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RSS Outlaw60

Reward Points:5658
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Are you going to use that rant against the Muslims and the Religion of Islam there Southpark ?

2 points

You have shown exactly who you Progressives are by your comments. So who needs to show you any respect ?

1 point

Where is the Poor Little Snowflake Cuaroc at ? Now where to be found !

1 point

So tell me Jace where were all the Progressive Women at during the election ?

1 point

Okay AL if it was Hillary was elected then your whole world would be correct in your Progressive mind. Pretty sore loser aren't you AL !

1 point

"Trump has made the WORLD happy, if that's the case. They are protesting him in Rome, Barcelona, Athens, Stockholm, Budapest, London, Ireland, Berlin, India, Denmark, S. Africa, Kosovo, Australia, N. Zealand, Japan just to name a few."

Did any of the above countries you have mentioned have a say in the election of Donald J Trump ?

1 point

Now how is your world ending there you Poor Little Snowflake ?

1 point

You do realize there Nicky that you can't spell realize ! So what is your point if you can't use spell check ? Nothing but mute but give it your best shot !

2 points

Does capitalism steal your allowances when you purchase consumable goods there Nick ?

Or is it the government provides all your consumable goods ? Come on Nick state your claim !!!!!!!!!!!

1 point

Hey there Nick do you own any furniture ? How about any appliances ? If you do where might you have gone to purchase those goods ? Did you buy them from the government ?

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Winning Position: NBC's Chuck Todd to Buzzfeed editor - 'You Just Published Fake News' OUCH !!!!!!!!

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Out Law
Gender: Male
Age: 86
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: BR 5675

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