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RSS Outlaw60

Reward Points:6381
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The Huff and Puff Post is all the ammunition you got SnowFlake for an argument !!!!!!

1 point

Progressives can't deal with any facts nor can they deal with reality !

1 point

Spending on Social Security, the largest federal program today, will surge by 77 percent, from $845 billion in 2014 to $1.5 trillion in 2024. Medicare is the largest health care program and its spending will surge by 72 percent, from $603 billion in 2014 to $1.04 trillion in 2024.

You failed to mention the above facts Progressive !

1 point

"Violating the freedom of religion of those they object to" Well what we have here is more Progressive Hypocrisy !

A Colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple filed a petition Friday with the U.S. Supreme Court after the state’s highest court declined to hear his case, the Denver Post reports.

Back in 2012, Masterpiece Cake Shop owner Jack Phillips turned away a gay couple who came in for a wedding cake, citing his religious beliefs. When he was sued for denying the couple service based on their sexual orientation, an administrative law judge found Phillips in violation of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act. That decision was upheld on appeal.

Aaron Klein and his wife Melissa, co-owners of the now-closed Sweet Cakes by Melissa shop in Gresham, Ore., paid out more than $135,000 in damages to the lesbian couple they refused to bake a wedding cake for in January 2013.

Klein turned in a check for $136,927.07, which included interest on the July 2015 state-ordered judgment, to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries in Portland after violating the Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer's civil rights, according to “My clients are happy the Kleins paid the fine and are moving forward,” the Bowman-Cryer's lawyer Paul Thompson told the Oregon paper. “I hope to see the ruling upheld on appeal.”

The bakery owners' legal trouble began nearly three years ago when Laurel Bowman-Cryer entered the shop for a cake-tasting appointment. She was told they could not make the cake due to religious reasons.

Is it now you Progressives are concerned with Freedom of Religion ?

1 point

Progressive why was Japan sent a serious message and they came out waving the White Flag of Surrender ? Got any clue ?

1 point

Trump's budget, after massive cuts all over other places, is going to boost military spending by 9%. What do you think?

Reuters a Left Wing Rag is the best you got Progressive !

Progressives such as yourself don't won't spending on the military just more spending on entitlements that you Progressives love !

1 point

So you agree then homosexuals must come from heterosexuals ! When does the change occur in the womb ?

1 point

"This just proves what I am saying. Since many oppose an irrational ban, you assume they love Muslims."

Proof positive you Progressives love Muslims no denying that !

1 point

Can 2 men produce an offspring ? Can 2 women produce an offspring ? So where do homosexuals come from?

1 point

So your girl Hillary isn't the Progressive Dream Obama was ? Do wonder why the Progressives were defeated in 2010,2014 and 2016 ! Has to be something to it !

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Biographical Information
Name: Out Law
Gender: Male
Age: 86
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: BR 5675

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