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 New Orleans Women's March cancelled after "Drastic" drop in support (4)

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New Orleans Women's March cancelled after "Drastic" drop in support

Organizers of the New Orleans Women's March say their January event is now off after a "drastic" drop-off in support. Due to several issues we have decided it is necessary to cancel the 2019 Women’s March in New Orleans the National Organization for Women’s Baton Rouge chapter posted on social media Friday.

A severe drop-off in both participation and fundraising after two major exposes in Tablet and in The New York Times revealed that the national Women's March's hierarchy was a hotbed of anti-Semitic thought.

LMMFAO the Pussy Hats just are not working !!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 points the Leftist loving group wearing Pussy Hats are now losing numbers due to exposure of their Anti-Semite leadership. Say it ain't so LMMFAO !!!!!!!!!!

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The woman haters can never succeed with these marches because they are just throwing out hate for other women.Instead of promoting as a whole and for all women they are just a hate group of nasty hags that should be investigated by the SPLC.

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They probably were embarrassed that the last march was led by an antisemitic wackjob who thinks women would like to be covered up and beaten by their husbands if only they tried it.

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Don't know about your response but i know this - Anti-Semitic.... Racist.... Sexist.... Pretty much profiles the Typical Progressive.