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Obama's real middle name is 'Millhouse'


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Hello bront:

The crazy thing here, is that YOUR man Trump is closer to being impeached than Obama ever was.. Trump won't make it through his first term..


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1)Logic 101:

Uh huh. When politicians like you, that obviously means you are highly moral and "the better man".... or, that you're just as big of a snake as they are. You decide.

2)That has nothing to do with Obama's middle name being Millhouse.

3)You're right. I've been watching the House vote for a 2/3 vote to impeach...that isn't happening.

4)You're right. I've been watching the Senate hearing...that isn't happening.

5)Pelosi, the leader of the left, says he should not be impeached when asked .

6)CNN demanding impeachment of anyone who doesn't say or do what they demand, doesn't mean anyone is "close to impeachment".

7)Seeing that Mueller's team, composed of rabid leftists, has completely scrapped "Russian collusion", and the investigation team is falling apart, is very telling.

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michelle02(37) Disputed
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Funny how you said "...YOUR man Trump..."

I saw you're profile and you live in the United States, so technically hes OUR man because Trump is OUR President.

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