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 Revelers in Times Square are going to be put in Pens ! This is Great ! (2)

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Revelers in Times Square are going to be put in Pens ! This is Great !

Got to say the Leftist are going to be put in pens by the NYPD what a turn of events LMMFAO !!!!!!

Spectators are expected to start assembling in early afternoon for the made-for-TV extravaganza. As has been the case for years, the celebration will take place under tight security, with partygoers checked for weapons and then herded into pens, ringed by metal barricades, where they wait for the stroke of midnight.
People who arrive early enough to grab a standing spot in Times Square itself may have a good view of the stages where the entertainers perform. The rest of the throngs, stuffed into pens stretching several blocks north toward Central Park, will be able to follow the action on viewing screens.
There are no public toilets in the pens, backpacks are banned and there are no garbage cans either, so picnicking for the event can be rough.

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LMMFAO and ABC reports the revelers will be stuffed into pens !!!!!

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Democrats putting Democrats in holding pens. So where is the Mayor of NYC and will he way in on this atrocity that is happening in his city ? Herding people into pens like they are cattle , sheep , horses or goats.

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It’s been five years since T-Mobile picked up MetroPCS, and now the prepaid service is finally getting a fresh coat of paint.