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Rosanne Barr says she is sorry and has mental problems. Should we believe her?


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It is silly to think what people say matters so much. EVERYBODY says stupid shit sometimes.

So what!

Actual racism, not this hypersensitive PC bullshit, is about what people actually DO.

Lots of people say racist things but treat everybody fairly and kindly. They are not actually racists.

Lots of people talk about how bad it is to be racist, but discriminate in practice on the basis of race, and treat people inequitably because of their race. These folks are actually racists. To complicate things, many of these people assume people in a particular racist group are racist, and willfully misinterpret things people say.

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I say yes. I have 4 mental illnesses, and have said bad things..............................

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As much as I do believe there are certain mental conditions that make a person act out, I also believe that it's very possible she's now trying to use anything as an excuse. First she blamed her medication, then she blamed her co-workers and now it's mental problems, but she's been saying controversial things for years now.

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It is extremely unlikely that her alleged mental illness would have altered her underlying attitude towards those of a different ethnic background to her own.

On the contrary, the drugs she claims to be have been taking for her condition would have been more likely to have suppressed her inhibitions and caused her to express her true feelings.

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