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Should the United States legalize the sale of human organs?


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It's common knowledge that people, when provided with motivation or an incentive to do something, are more likely to do it. And this is especially true with money as an incentive. Daily, children and adults are dying because of lack of organs, and legalizing the sale of organs will put an end to this. By increasing the amount of organs in the market, more people whose lives are in danger will be able to live longer and happier.

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Jace(4706) Disputed
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Generally speaking, organ donors give up their organs after they have already died. The reason many people do not donate their organs is because they have religious or other qualms about doing so. To make the claim you are making I think you would have to prove that creating an after-death financial incentive would overwhelm the reasons people have for not donating their organs.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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What about kidneys, or lungs?

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What about giving someone $100 when they are alive to list them as a donor and they can't remove themselves from being a donor?

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Atrag(5448) Clarified
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When using other peoples words, please state your sources. Credit should go to megj681 on

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I agree with Hulbusters. People would be more motivated to do it. .

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Should they?, maybe. But the problem with questions phrased should are vague and indefensible.

The U.S. won't legalize legal selling of organs, because it would increase murder for organ harvest, and further take advantage of the poor. If someone who doesn't have enough money to buy food to sustain their family for a week could make enough money to feed their family for two months for removing a kidney, will do it without taking the actual medical ramifications into account.

That being said: yeah.

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