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The key to a happy marriage


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That's boring

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2 points

you be right, don' ever do dat peep this shit, don't do dat peeps.

1 year ago | Side: True

Great theory, but how does anyone know who are the bitches and assholes? Also, isn't this subjective, there is no standard as to who is a bitch or asshole as to who is not.

1 year ago | Side: True
2 points

Everyone has an ass hole though.

1 year ago | Side: True

I happen to hate drama ;)

1 year ago | Side: True
1 point

They all turn into bitches after a while. . .

1 year ago | Side: True
1 point

Or... don't marry.

1 year ago | Side: True

I heard that the number one cause of divorce is a bad sex life between the couple. So if you reverse that, a good life sex life is the ultimate key to a successful marriage.

1 year ago | Side: That's boring
CakeMask(79) Disputed
1 point

No, that's just one of the many things that can go wrong. Just because you do well in bed doesn't mean you're good at keeping your vows.

1 year ago | Side: True

True, honesty and comitment are also key to a healthy relationship.

1 year ago | Side: True

This isn't an exact key to marriage. Anybody can change they way they act or behave. A better sex life is just a possible factor for increasing the relationship between husband and wife. A true loving establishment is necessary for a happy marriage. How do you get that? How ever you choose. If this is your theory then by all means follow it. Each person is different and unique so it really depends on the criteria of the spouses. But in this debate i can't make myself believe that this is true.

1 year ago | Side: That's boring

Huh. I'd say don't act like a "bitch" or "asshole" .

1 year ago | Side: That's boring

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