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 What effect will the InBev acquisition of Anheuser Busch have on your beer drink (13)

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What effect will the InBev acquisition of Anheuser Busch have on your beer drinking?

Will you drink more Bud, less, the same?

The company behind Budweiser is to be sold to the world's most fiercely cost-efficient brewer, InBev, makers of Stella Artois and Beck's, in a deal valuing the US business at $52bn (£26bn). Many people are outraged and think that this American icon is "selling out" to foreigners and say they won't buy it anymore. Others think that it is a good idea for the shareholders and the longevity of the company and will continue their support of A-B. Still others don't care either way, and will continue to drink their Budweiser and Bud Light no matter who is making it.

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Being from the UK, where we have real beer, this obviously won't affect me at all.

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I drink what tastes good... and Bud Light dominates in the Light beer category. I don't care who makes it... as long as the taste doesn't change. FYI - Miller Lite is disgusting.

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I do not support this acquisition and think that Anheuser-Busch is selling out. I'm no longer going to drink Anheuser-Busch products. I'll likely switch to a real American Beer like Sam Adams. Sorry, A-B, but you just lost a couple thousand dollars worth of revenue from this guy by selling your soul.

Side: No more Bud Light for me
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I will continue to purchase and consume Bud Light and Budweiser beers. Although they have been acquired by a foreign company, they will likely keep all of the American breweries open and all of the distributors will inherently still be located in the US, so buying Anheuser Busch products still benefits the American economy.

Side: I will still support Anheuser Busch
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It will change nothing of my drinking habits. Bud is barely tolerable and Bud Lite is a waste of perfectly good water.

I will continue with my local brews, Okanagan Spring, Big Rock, Granville Island and the occasional Sleemans and for a treat, some Chimay or Hoegaarden (another InBev brew...).

Side: I will still support Anheuser Busch

The day that InBev adds a heartier European tasting beer to their collection will be the day I'll pick one up and try it! Anheuser-Busch, albeit a German name with an alleged old world brewery recipe, has as much to do with the taste of real German Beer than Tang does to the taste of real O.J.! There is simply no American beer that can compete with the European market in taste.

Side: Get with the taste of real beer
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InBev already makes some good European beers: "Stella Artois, Boddingtons, Beck's, Staropramen, Jupiler, Leffe, Labatt, Hoegaarden and Bass." I like Bass the best of the list, but I agree, my beer drinking won't change too much, because I drink more Guiness than any Bud beer.

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Side: Get with the taste of real beer
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It won't have any effect at all. In this age of increasing globalization, it is only natural for large multinationals to merge/acquire one another. Plus I'm a Miller/Coors Light fan...

Side: Get with the taste of real beer
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None whatsoever :)

As long as I get my Guinness I'm happy.

Side: guinness
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There will be NO tears in my beer...

Much ado about NOTHING! LOL

I do not drink beer.

As if there was anything that we could do to stop this transaction!

Well, it appears that Cindy McCain will be even richer after this transaction. If it was my company and I was her age...I would sell too!

BUT...every day another chip of the American Rock gets chipped away.

Their coming to America...the American to all...

Southern smiles and world peace,


~The Baby Boomer Queen~

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Side: there will be no tears in my beer

I don't drink alcohol; I do, however, live minutes from the Anheuser-Busch brewery/headquarters here in Saint Louis.

To those of you thinking about changing your drinking habits, let me give you some perspective:

They are already going to eliminate jobs in a city that has already seen most of its industrial base flee; increasing our poverty and difficulties.

If you choose, now, to stop drinking their beer just because of this change of hands you will probably increase the likelyhood of even more jobs being lost due to decreased demand.

However, if those bastards move the HQ and brewery out of town (most likely to some third-world hell-hole) then I would suggest abstaining from this brand.

Busch beer not only employs quite a number of people, jobs that pay well and carry pretty good benefits; they also contribute to charities and projects around the Saint Louis area.

They developed a nature preserve out of an abandoned military base, they built Busch gardens, they sponsor sports teams....without that money; without a company that has shown at least some desire to improve the lives of the people in the area it does business we'll, again, see our misery improve.

This is all coming from a Communist, and while I don't like Busch as a capitalist enterprise; it is a lesser of two evils when squared against a gigantic multinational that doesn't contribute much, if anything, to charity and has no loyalty to any city, state, or country.

This acquisition is disgusting and scary; as a citizen of Saint Louis I am appalled that this would be allowed to occur.

Side: there will be no tears in my beer
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It won't so much change my drinking habits because I enjoy darker ales and more full bodied beer than anything A-B makes. On the other hand I am a bartender by trade and from now on I will only push non A-B beers. Sorry A-B you sold out and its curtains for you.

Side: Get with the taste of real beer
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I don't drink beer, so it won't have any effect on me. =D

Side: no beer for me