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RSS BruceStinne3

Reward Points:24
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-1 points

I think you should do it sarcastically though so that way they don't understand. Now if you know me I believe we should just murder all retards in the fires of hell where satan crafted them into existence.

4 points

They don't change it all the time, it's more of making it simpler. Like instead of masturbating we now have pocket pussies.

-1 points

I believe the U.S should be ruled by one man and one man alone. Hitler, I say we find his bones and scrub off the DNA from his corpse and clone a new Hitler.

-4 points
2 points

I want to build a snowman. As a man these women have set my standards to always look my best. I only eat 1 grape a day to maintain my hourglass figure. My life is like a fairy tale but minus the really shitty and bland story. I also sing everything and only go for the hot looking guys even though the point of the movie is inner beauty.

How old are you? ASL? I bet you aren't that wise like the owl from the tootsie-pop commercial. Can you even count to 3? And I bet you do see it cumming.

I think medicine today will make the ultimate Ebola monster to eat all the people

You see as women must carry the burden of boobs, guys face the same problem. For me mainly my problem lies in my balls. My balls are about the size of a beach ball and must be dragged on the ground. Most days people will kick them thinking they are beach balls due to me coloring them with paint to look like a standard ball. Another problem is my peepee. At a length of 20 feet it drags very far behind me. Making it hard to drive (no pun intended) and get on the subway due to doors crushing my peepee. Sometimes people will step on it or run over it. Girls have it easy. Men also experience constant periods where blood pours out of our peepees. This means that our peepees are healthy. So yes guys have it hard.

I too agree with this fine sexy man......................................................................................................

I can solve this a lot easier than you're making it. There is one simple solution to the kids with these disabilities. Instead of pairing up with the normal kids, we should be using them to their full potential. I say we gather up all the defective kids and send them back to where they came from. I think the parents should sue the storks who brought a defective kid. Whoever is making these mistakes at the Kid Factory in the clouds should be fired. I taught my 2 kids Kyle and Charles to always laugh at them because it makes them go away and not spread the stupid syndrome.

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Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Is World Domination Possible?

About Me

"Hi, my names Bruce. I work as an accountant downtown. I have 2 kids. I really like to debate. Thanks"

Biographical Information
Name: Bruce Stinne
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Education: Masters

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