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RSS DrRSaunders

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1 point

You clearly underestimate the amount of planning and resources which has gone into this project.

If you want evidence on how easy it is to obtain large amounts of actors to cry, look at the funeral of Kim Jon Il.

5 points

While what I am about to write may seem unlikely, I assure you it is only coming from the most trusted of sources.

When I was completing my PhD in Political and Diplomatic Sciences, I met what would become the later Head of CIA and the NSA, he informed me recently of the events I will soon divulge, (This information has also been confirmed by the Head of the DCRI in France and the President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, who are my 4th and 7th cousins respectively).

What has happened to the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, is that it simply never existed in the first place.

The current Intelligence Services of the Western World, in addition to those in Russia and China, are engaging in an operation known as 'Blue Angel Master Agenda'. This involves striking fear into a population of a threat, that essentially doesn't exist, to ensure their compliance, there is a lot of evidence for the flight being part of 'Operation Blue Angel Military Agenda'

1)Airline Company is part of CIA- First of all, we shall look into the flight company itself. It is a commonly known fact in the intelligence sphere that Malaysian Airlines is a front for the CIA, who use this company to shuttle agents and supplies around. Is it a coincidence that it was this airline that had a missing plane and not one more known to Western audiences?

(Additional proof includes that fact that if you rearrange the letters of "Malaysia Airlines" in the Ancient Greek Alphabet, it comes out with "Adolph Hitler Returns".)

2)Hidden Warning in Snowden Documents - Secondly, if one looks at several documents released through the Snowden leak, there is a hidden message deeply encrypted in the border of the first page of the records of Telephone conversations between the German Chancellor and the Swedish Foriegn Secretary. The message has recently been decoded to reveal "The Bear Shall eat the Pigeon". This is evidently referring to the extension of military presence Russia has conducted in Ukraine, intelligence analysts have concluded this to be a signal of the initiation of Operation B.A.M.A.

3)Overcompliance of Media - Lastly, the surprising reaction of the Western media can only lead to suspicion, we have an incident (in which there are no deaths) occurring abroad involving zero citizens of the western nations. This simply would not have been reported and should have been deemed as unfit for Western audiences and yet it was given pride of place on broadcasting media. Clearly the government is attempting to enforce their story upon us and cause confusion among the masses.

If you ask why they would do it, the answer is simple. To spite fear among us. If we are constantly terrified of a plane that could crash onto us at any time then the government has every reason to assume ultimate powers.

Soon they shall raise taxes and justify such actions as "defence against the plane", soon they shall take away our freedom of speech to stop us "supporting the plane", soon there shall be arrests of innocents who's only crime will be "supporting the plane".

I am only the messenger, but heed my words.

11 points

Your continued self-promotion of your social affairs on this site should be of growing concern to many members and moderators. As an educated individual (I have a PhD in Psychology and Psychiatry) I've recognised several symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, while I often refrain from discussing personal matters of patients in an open forum I feel that the depth of your personality disorder could require urgent attention.

I would sincerely recommend you consult a specialist on this situation, you can always message me privately if you need further advice.

1 point

Judging by the growth of secular modernism in Europe, an audience which the current Pope is aiming to promote Catholicism towards, I believe that eventually same-sex marriage will be allowed within the Roman Catholic Church.

Now I have a PhD in Applied Religious and Social Studies, which makes me something of an expert on the matter. It is clear that the new Pope is progressive on a wide range of social matters and is trying to reduce the popular association the Catholic Church has with conservative stubbornness. We can already see evidence of this as he has openly reached out towards atheists and other faiths, likewise he has expressed a desire to diminish the hostile relations of the Church and homosexuals.

Thus with his approval of same-sex unions, many commentators see this as the first step on a road which will eventually lead to the acceptance of same-sex marriage.

1 point

Once again you state an opinion without any evidence or further reasoning, as a debate creator you disappoint me greatly and I shall know in future to avoid your debates.

1 point

May I ask in what manner my response was rude? I merely invited him to discuss off topic manners on a platform seperate from this debate, you also seem to have created this debate not to discuss the issue in question but to socialise with other members of the site.

1 point

While I'm sure this debate has been set up for humourous purposes, I feel that I should make a point on the subject, considering the range of viral discussion occurring at this time on the issue in question. Also, my expertise might be valued on the events as I've got a PhD in Politics and Imperial History.

In 1783, the Russian Black Sea Fleet was founded (a few months before the United States signed the Treaty of Paris), it was based in Sevastopol at a port which was also founded at the same time, this port is situated on the Crimean peninsula and provided the Russia fleet a strategic control point in the Black Sea and, by extension, the Mediterranean.

It was until 1954 that the Crimean Region was transferred to Ukraine as a symbolic gesture to commemorate the 300th anniversary of Ukraine being part of the Russian Empire, at this time it wasn't conceivable for Ukraine to ever leave the empire and this action also served the purpose of increasing the efficiency of the bureaucratic system as the Crimean Region could be managed by the Ukrainian province alone instead of having it managed by both the Ukrainian provincial management and the Russian government.

It was only until the break up of the Soviet Union that Russia and Ukraine divided, however with the departure of the recent Pro-Russian Ukrainian president it is understandable that Putin fears of Russian access to the Sevastopol port being limited if Ukraine joins the European Union, in addition to this a high proportion of the ethnic composition of the Crimean region is Russian, in the 2001 census 58.32% of the population in Crimea was Russian.

One should consider this points before hastily taking a stance on the issue and before calling anybody a hypocrite.

DrRSaunders(69) Clarified
1 point

If you wish to engage in conversation it would be better to message me seperately from this debate.

1 point

You fail to provide an argument and merely state an opinion irrelevant to the debate, I cannot see how to dispute this because you have not provided any logic to dispute, you have merely injected a baseless opinion to the debate of which only serves to taint the better arguments being presented.

1 point

But you are applying a context, your example is based on the idea that an occurrence of Armageddon is a negative event and that believing it will happen is a negative.

If one looked at your example through the viewpoint of a Christian fundamentalist, of whom is waiting the second coming of Christ to occur with an Armageddon, then believing Armageddon will happen would be a 'positive' belief whereas the belief of Armageddon not occurring would be construed as negative, therefore the concept of negativity with a belief can only be applied through taking a stance on the subject.

Since there is no standard on what is 'negative' or not the idea of negative beliefs simply cannot exist.

About Me

"Professor. R. Saunders PhD, CEng, MIET, ACGI, CFA, FSA, NCARB, CAE, CTO, P.Geo., IAEE, LSIT, PHR."

Biographical Information
Name: Richard Saunders
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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