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RSS I4gotmypass

Reward Points:10
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3 points

I stated that no matter what the reasoning is I would never torture someone, no matter what the cause was. I don't have it in me to hurt someone, to purposefully harm someone disgusts me. I under no circumstances would ever harm someone on purpose, I wouldn't be able to do it.

2 points

Ok well when would that situation ever occur? That whole set up is stupid and nearly impossible.

1 point

I dont care wat the reasoning is, torture should never be used in any form to get info, happiness, etc etc. Tortuer may have been what most other countries do to their captured but just cuz 1 country does it doesnt mean another should.

3 points

I have never purchased sex before in my life, just thought I'd say that first off.

But I mean its a job and as long as the woman chooses to do it, I dont think it should matter. If a woman likes sex and is getting paid to get it I say all power to those women, have at it.

No good looks, no condoms,no good health, NO SERVICE

1 point

Most definately, nothing against small breasted chicks, but it is as peeps say the bigger the better, am I right?

2 points

at least she is putting herself in the spotlight trying to voice an opinion.

-1 points

Yes they are! Radicals are going to DESTROY THE WORLD!!BA HA HA HA HA!!!

But they gots to hurry if they are gonna get what they want by the end of the world!

0 points

My friend has that shirt its green. With a dark green and black cowboy riding a horse with a rope and its a cartoon.

1 point

I do not believe I had even heard of William Wilberforce but he does sound dedicated.

1 point

Everything goes blank and you cease to exist. You do not remember anything since there is nothing to remember because you are brain dead in a pot or a coffin( hopefully ).

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