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RSS JacobFrye

Reward Points:36
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1 point

Why do parents discipline their children after misbehaving? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

Is that why you flail yourself and blow up abortion clinics?

1 point

The best ones are dead or scarcely known of.


1 point

The fact that the 3 countries allied in Revelation are Iran, China and Russia is good evidence of God's existence.

Where in the bable does it say that?

1 point

True, they don’t speak for all the left wingers. But god help the left winger who disagrees.

Have you ever seen one of these big right wing figures debate a legitimate intellectual who is on the left? They specifically pick out the dumb ones to debate and point to when arguing against the left. Leftism in it's best form is also relatively rare for the same reason that geniuses are less common than average and dumb people, and the establishment left is always a shitty bureaucratic version because the establishment never wants to reduce it's own power. The true, well articulated far left ideas are never shown to you unless you really look for them because they threaten the status quo and cannot be debated honestly given that they are objectively true.

1 point

Football is boring, stupid and gay. It's 3 hours of grown men playing ass grab and fighting over a ball that isn't even shaped like a ball.

JacobFrye(36) Clarified
1 point

(weasel voice) The left wing is fundamentally immoral, because left wing politics is based on theft and distorting the facts of biology and objective morality. That's why it's impossible to debate a left winger, they can't debate you because there is no objective reality in their self-entitled nihilistic postmodernist cultural marxist moral relativist worldview. That's why they argue with pure feelings based rhetoric, because studies show that liberals are ugly, have low testosterone and are more likely to be indifferent to facts than right wingers. Also all left wingers are anti-semites and everyone who was ever a bad person was a leftist and an atheist. Also there is no such thing as a rich person who is bad unless they are a left winger.

2 points

Also they tend to misrepresent the left quite a bit by conflating the stereotypical "college liberal" or social democrat with all left wingers.

2 points

I watch Ben Shapiro believe it or not. I watch all of the "public intellectuals" you right wingers adore. That's why I can tell when someone is a mindless idiot like Bronto repeating their talking points like a parrot. I don't agree with censoring them, but I do think they are objectively wrong and stupid about a great many things.

0 points

I know abortion is a very important issue for you

He has a mentally ill obsession over it really. It's a bit concerning.

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Winning Position: check out my Ben Shapiro impression
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: I will pay you a fat jewish stipend if you can prove jews are related to hebrews
Winning Position: ancom
Winning Position: True

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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