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RSS Alienevolved

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2 points

gandhi was the greatest civil rights advocate of our time,all people interested in civil rights would do well to follow his wisdom!

all decisions you make,depend on the information you are in posession of at the time of the decisive act,the internet has and is expanding exponentialy.i would recommend a book by james glieck called "what just happened" or "faster" by the same author.

terence mckenna would be another good source of info on singularity related subjects

0 points

the answer is they are both intrinsic to the field,ie the print in this message is black,but without any contrasting white you wouldnt see it.

yin yang zen buddhism alan watts

constructive or destructive tendencies, yes! the only difference being the intention

well done your a well thought out and sensible genius, its been a pleasure talking with you Kuklapolitan

kuklapolitan and jessaid and joe its been a pleasure. you tube debates can be so primitive, i love this place though!!

the difference between a madman and a genius is thus,

a genius uses his madness constructively,whereas a madman will use his genius destructively,intention being the defining factor.

david tennant as the dr who character uses his madness constructively.the best doctor by far!!then tom baker was good too ,maybe i should start a debate on it!

this attempt is also close but we are missing a defining relativistic factor here!!

A genius IS a successful madman,but success or failure isnt relative to the question

salvador dali was a successful madman therefore a genius without doubt,what makes him a genius but hitler a failed madman?

Perhaps the good vs. evil that co-exist in madmen and geniuses are part of that.

yes now were zero ing in on the crux.

so how is the distinction between them defined?

good vs evil isnt the best analogy but we are making progress

im going to favor this one cause it sounds like a definition of the bush/cheney camp!!

were pinky and the brain,were pinky and the brain!!

what are we gonna do tonight dick,

same as we always do george, were going to take over the world!!!

your getting warm!!!but still no cookie!! still too vague,a definition must encompass all of its aspects directly.

are you pissed off yet and mad???

joe cavalry had good go this afternoon!

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