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RSS Bloxham93

Reward Points:8
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1 point

I think she is a very pretty girl but if i was a mother i would NOT want my 8 year old watching a 17 year old girl dancing on a stripper pole and thinking thats okay for her to do!! I do not beleive she is a good role model at all simply because she tries to act, dance, and dress to mature for her age!!! To me she looks and acts like a little ho! There is a fine line between trying to grow up a little and growing up to much!!

4 points

We should not have to do homework the whole point of the 8 freaking hours we go to school is to learn there. so when we get done sitting in a classroom for that long we just wanna go home and relax and i personally have a job that i go to as soon as i get out of school i work until 9 or 9 30 and i know i dont want to go home and do homework i want to sleep!!!

1 point

Americans SHOULD NOT ban the death penalty! If and when the people who are accused get convicted i believe they should have to suffer the same way their victims did!!!! They should suffer the consequences that fit their crime!! If you kill someone or hurt a child i believe you should get the death penalty!!!

2 points

I personally dont agree with the gay marriage situation but i do believe that this is a free country and they have as much of a right to get married as any straight couple. They can love each other just as much as a straight couple. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and beliefs. We as a country should not have the right to tell someone if they can get married or not just because of the way someone lives.

4 points

I think divorce is a horrible situation to be in espcially for kids. It is very stressfull for them. I also think that if two people aren't happy together than they shouldn't be together because that to is also stressfull for the kids and the couple.

3 points

students should not have to take a drug test unless they are doing them at school or causing harm to other people and also because they are a pain to take. this is a free country we should have the right to say we're not taking one.

1 point

technically hitler was a great leader, but, only because he was an evil genius who knew how to persuade people. he conqured half of freakin europe, however, i do not not agree with the killing of innocent people.

2 points

Okay my personal opinion i would never murder an innocent child, but i belive that we have no right to judge anyone for the choices they make on what they believe is better for their life.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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