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Reading that, it sounds like you really don't care at all.

If I didn't care, I would smash the left on a daily basis.

Just waiting for YOUR "trip to heaven"?? To hell with the rest of the world??

The rest of the world rejected God, not the other way around.

I suspect, and for good reason, if a man came ranting against the Jews and declaring himself a Socialist, Nom would hop right on board. Oh wait. That happened.

He has as much influence on me as poochy boy does..

Actually he has a lot of influence on you. His followers run your left wing media.

The city actually uses a budget and allocates funds responsibly, unlike the Federal Government.

Secondly, claiming monogamy is not natural or has to be taught by religion is libtard bonkerness of the highest order. You hit peak tard. Congrats on your accomplishment.

Yes, which is the NORMAL condition for human beings... What's abnormal is the backwards idea of ...

having 10,000 gender pronouns?

Was that the answer Con?

Why do so many people hate Jesus? :( <3

Because the truth is offensive and so is having the microscope pointed in your direction.

Is America head for destruction, for rejecting God?

Probably, and along with much of the world.

Winning or losing isn't a measure of democracy.. It's whether the election was fair.

Like having voter ID to make sure noncitizens don't vote, or taking a census with a question that helps determine how many representatives your area gets?

Hmmm... A possible 30 million extra people to delegate representatives to that shouldn't be counted. My oh my, how that would change the Congress, eh Con?

But let's cut the crap Con. No one believes a census question is racist. Democrats simply need those sanctuary cities loaded with illegals to help them get as many representatives as possible, and if too many people knew, they'd look like dishonest dog shit and probably not get re-elected.

You confuse me with someone who is invested with that number.. Whatever number it is, that's the number. It changes NOTHING in terms of policy, or whether they receive medical care at their local ER..

Maybe, maybe not, but it does change one thing. 11 million sounds nonthreatening to voters. 30 million sounds quite different, doesn't it Con? Especially if you're say, black, and need a job, and need an answer. And then you see Trump's position vs Beto's "take down all existing barriers" position...

Even blacks aren't particularly fond of being swarmed with foreigners against their will.

Party switches only can happen when a big political event happens.

Guess what polls say is the number one issue with blacks right now...

Oh yes, yes. I feel the pendulum swinging...

This is easy.. Under his plan, the money you used to spend on insurance and your doctor will NOW be paid by the government

Cool. So if a poor person sees the doctor zero times this year, his money will still be volunteered by the left to pay for foreigners who aren't even Americans. That's fucked up. Hope the poor American bastard doesn't need to eat or pay bills.

Makes throwing them out even more IMPOSSIBLE than it was with only 11 million..

Then we'd better start now, eh con?

Let me stick my finger in your brain con. If the Natives should have fought off Columbus and the pilgrims in order to keep America, what do we do now to fight off our new Spanish invaders? Do tell.

I have some ideas, but I wanna know yours.

Was being ALIVE 50 years ago to witness men on the moon, GREAT?

Probably. But they act like it's impossible to go back, so Trump will probably get us there...

Consequently, if I ran into Alinsky wearing KKK sheets, I'd PUNCH him..

Well, you did support 2 of his open followers for President...

It makes one wonder if just about anything you see as news is real, eh con?

As a lifelong liberal, the only time I've heard about this guy is from you...

I'm sure the Alinskyites in Hollywood, academia, the media, and Congress are happy to hear that. If everyone knew of him, it'd be a lot harder to stage shit and be believed.

Ok, then. Soooo, what??

So let us protect the border with a wall.

Makes throwing them out even more IMPOSSIBLE than it was with only 11 million..

Not really if you're willing to be patient and play the long game. Each time you arrest an illegal, the FBI can locate the illegals who live with the person's co-residents. Then do ID checks on the household. Have the bus ready.

Libs always say things are "impossible", then Trump comes in and just does the impossible thing. Why? Because "it's impossible" is fiction.

You can do pretty much anything if you really want to do it. They have to come out into the public to get goods and services some time. When they do, move in.

But let's cut the crap Con. If we can go into the Middle East and discern who is who and who lives where and get who we want to get, our military can definitely do it here. We'll just begin with Texas and California for starters.

Besides, if you put that motherfucking swastika on your fucking arm, you're a REAL motherfucking Nazi.

I agree. By this logic, if you dress as the klan, doesn't that make you the klan?

Sanford Horwitt prefaces his biography of Alinski, Let Them Call Me Rebel, with an anecdote he felt illuminated Alinsky’s method. In this anecdote, Alinsky shares his wisdom with students wishing to protest the appearance on their campus of the first George Bush, then America’s representative to the UN during the Vietnam War:

College student activists in the 1960s and 1970s sought out Alinsky for advice about tactics and strategy. On one such occasion in the spring of 1972 at Tulane University’s annual week-long series of events featuring leading public figures, students asked Alinsky to help plan a protest for a scheduled speech by George Bush, then U. S. representative to the United Nations, a speech likely to be a defense of the Nixon Administrations’s Vietnam War policies [Note: the Nixon Administration was then negotiating with the North Vietnamese Communists to arrive at a peace agreement-DH] The students told Alinsky that they were thinking about picketing or disrupting Bush’s address. That’s the wrong approach, he rejoined–not very relative and besides, causing a disruption might get them thrown out of school [Not very likely-DH] He told them, instead, to go hear the speech dressed up as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and whenever Bush said something in defense of the Vietnam War, they should cheer and wave placards, reading ‘The K.K.K. supports Bush.’

And that is what the students did with very successful, attention-getting results.

I don't think ANTIFA asks whether the NAZI they're about to PUNCH is a FAKE Nazi or a real one

Obviously, seeing they've attacked a lot of people who are migrants, minorities and the elderly.

I'm not sure which scenario is true.

This one.

They're EXTREMELY pleased with how things have turned out, so they're gonna put him back AND give him the House to boot.

Why? Look at all the Democrats did since getting the House. They got a vote on whether Trump's tweets were mean.

Well, that didn't put any money in anyone's wallet or food on their table, now did it?

Nevertheless, don't worry Con. Trump will be gone in 6 years, and Ted Cruz will be President. Aren't you excited?

It's true.. I'm thinking that the swing voters who put him over the top are MORTIFIED by what they've done..

His popularity numbers have risen in swing states.

Yale, MIT study: 22 million, not 11 million, undocumented immigrants in US

The undocumented population in the United States could be twice as large as the most commonly-used estimate, according to a research study published Friday in the scientific journal Plos One.

The paper, led by Mohammad M. Fazel-Zarandi (Probably not some white dude, eh con?), a researcher at Yale and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, estimates there are 22.1 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Fazel-Zarandi's study compared inflows and outflows of immigrants as well as demographic data. According to the report, the number of undocumented immigrants could be as high as 29.1 million.

It's actually not a bad question.. Lemme ask you this.. Do you think the 11 million of 'em

Bwahahaha! No one believes this number Con, not even the Commies in power. Why do you think they wanted that question off of the census? They don't want the real numbers to ever enter the population's ears. million-undocumented-immigrants-in-us?amp

Yes, right wingers like other right wingers

Yes, but the poll is nonpartisan and of every state, libby or non-libby. Proof and data? I'm glad you asked.

I called you Adolf Hitler

Cool. Joseph Goebells and George Orwell said Communists were Nazis, and Nazis were Communists.

I support ANTIFA because they attack NAZIS.

You mean fake Alinsky "Nazis" headed by an open Obama and Occupy Wallstreet activist.

My son supports Trump - NOT Nazis..

So Trump supporters aren't Nazis. Cool. Seeing ANTIFA aatacks a lot of obvious non-Nazis, they would attack your son without hesitation.

Are you suggesting they're one in the same???

Nope. Why? Because ANTIFA typically is attacking the elderly and minorities, who are obviously not Nazis.

You don't have to convince me..

So is your Trump supporting son a Nazi? Do tell.

At least the left wing knows HOW to protest..

Yes. Protesting a life of cellphones, Internet, foodstamp cards, Medicare and Medicaid, vehicles and convenience stores, and a life that royalty of the past would very noble...

When right wingers protest, they bring their lawn chairs..

Probably because we choose gratitude over being little, ungrateful bitches with no self control. Some people call it acting like a grown ass adult.

What do you think our side should get violent over? All of the needles in liberal streets or the human shit? I say we stay in red states and let the leftists fuck up their dystopian hellholes. It's their life to fuck up. Go for it.

The Democratically controlled house of Representatives tried to pass a bill FORCING all public schools to allow boys, who want to be girls, into our daughter's sports!

But wear a cross necklace, and everybody loses their minds...

Oh yes, yes. We've come into the days where a group is finally twisted enough to say men and boys should hold women's state and world records.

People used to say the end is near, and I'd always think, "but it's not quite warped and twisted enough to bring God's wrath." I've stopped thinking that. We've entered a three ring freak show of abominations and iniquity. Now all we need is a worldwide hatred for Israel. Oh wait...

My Native name is "Runs With Scissors".

My native name is "Rides with Brontos and Raptors". What?

Not me.. I LOVE Native Americans..

Maybe, maybe not, but Democrats still killed them and stole their land. It felt like Nazi concentration camps and Nazi Germany and shit.

For in Christ all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form

Colossians 2:9

Another interpretation has it as this:

For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body.

Colossians 2:9

Is Jesus the God of the Bible?

Yes. He's the manifestation of God in human flesh.

It's Bumfuk because of all the wrongwingers who live there.

Cool. Those wrongwingers are Natives who you stole land from and and tried to genocide after raping their women and slaughtering their children. You're not being very libby today. Nevertheless, look at the cool utopia we built with the steaming pil of shit you left us with.

I'm thinking about screenshooting all of your dialogue and writing a fiction novel. It will be very entertaining. Or I could just write a book showing how stupid far left knuckle dragging Commies are. Which would you suggest buddy?

I agree also. The U.S. should NEVER become a socialist country!

Better swap parties until the Democratic Party moves back into sanity then.

1 point

can lie like a "fuckin idiot" EVERY DAY …. I reserve the right ….. even if I don't use it! ;-)

You do use it though.

Most protests are AGAINST a perceived evil

Most protests I've seen were people breaking windows, throwing firebombs, looting businesses, and supporting murdering babies while wearing hats that represent their genitiles.

Therefore, I think you and I are paying for their health care right now..

Cool. So why are Democrats making you pay for anyone in the world who wants in your wallet whether you give permission or not? If you're truly okay with it, why not just send your money to me and assume I'll go to the doctor with your money?

Oh ho ho. Oh boy. You're in serious ideological debate hell here Nom. Nom praisesStalinandtheUSSRbutguesswhat

Oh ho ho. Oh boy. You're in serious ideological debate hell here Nom. Nom praisesStalinandtheUSSRbutguesswhat

Orwell was a socialist. Socialism is what he believed in.

Nice try Nom, but no cigar.


Orwell detested Soviet-style Communism – a belief strengthened when he ended up fighting Soviet-backed Communists during the Spanish civil war.


But, Stalin wanted to crush all left-wing parties who were not the Communist party; this led to a civil war amongst the Republican movement in Spain. Orwell got caught up in this and it made him really disgusted with Stalin and the Communist party.

You absolutely can't be this stupid, so one can only conclude you are pretending to be world class ignorant.

I refer you to the link provided in the debate.

Back up a little bit here, Adolf.

I'm confused. Why would you call me a Socialist Islam lover, seeing that I'm obviously not a Socialist Islam lover?

You're going to have to talk me through the history of this.

Excon's son is a Trump supporter. Excon also supports ANTIFA.

When exactly did attacking Nazis become a bad thing?

Never. That's why we continue to expose your anti Jew, white ideology that beats blacks, Asians, the elderly, and reporters in the streets if they dissent.

Hard to create a rebuttal to cold, hard facts, eh nom?


The United States subscribed to the Allied plan of making German defeat the priority, coordinating with the United Kingdom in most major operations. However, it also maintained a strong effort against Japan, being the primary Allied power in the Pacific Theater. The U.S. led the Manhattan Project to develop atomic weapons, which it deployed in August 1945 in the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This attack led to the surrender of Japan and the end of World War II.


While Nazi Germany never attacked Britain with ground forces, it subjected the country to heavy air attacks in the Battle of Britain of 1940, which continued until mid-1941 as the nightly attacks of the Blitz. The air attacks killed 40,000 people[221] and prompted evacuations of major urban centres


If it weren't for us you'd be speaking fucking German mate.

Of course you don't show us your data or even an argument because your comment is stupid on top of more stupid. The Germans were a country 1/8 our size, with 1/20th the land, with an ocean between us and no allies in the region for landing ports, and with way less military might.

That's probably why you hate Brits so much, am I right?

Couldn't care less. Take on your enemies alone. Good luck.

LOL. You regret that we turned the Nazis back. Oh, the glorious days you could have had in the third reich, and we snatched them from your grasp buddy!! LOL!

Your right wing leader turned back the Nazis in a war where we fought off Hirohito and the Japanese in the South Pacific, and the Nazi Socialists both at once for you buddy.

It's actually not a bad question.. Lemme ask you this.. Do you think the 11 million of 'em that are here, right now, are going WITHOUT heath care??? I don't think they are.. You know they don't ask for your papers at the ER, doncha? Therefore, I think you and I are paying for their health care right

1)They'll be getting prescriptions, not ER visits.

2)We also can't even afford just the interest on the national debt. What do you give us, ten years before the system completely collapses?

This is easy.. Under his plan, the money you used to spend on insurance and your doctor will NOW be paid by the government.

So a mass exodus of doctors from the medical field seeing they are leaving as it is, while making buttloads of money.

Those costs will be born by you in the form of taxes..

Cool. What if we don't want our taxes to go up? Have fun selling a huge tax hike to people who are barely getting by as it is.

So, taxes go UP while health care costs go AWAY..

It's not even free in actual Socialist countries. It's just less expensive.

To meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism(Ingsoc) in Oceania, the ruling Party created Newspeak

Nice of Orwell to actually call these clowns Socialists, isn't it nom?

Pretty telling when you ignored the points on the other side. The right has none of these traits. The left has all of those traits. Pretty easy isn't it?

Should The U.S., back up the Brits after the seizure of two of their tankers?

Let the Brits fend for themselves like grown ass adults. Maybe they'll start being grateful once they get nailed in the head a few times.

No idea. All I see is you hating Jews like Hitler, and ANTIFA attacking blacks and Asians.

3) What are they opposed to?

Neo-Nazis, Neo-fascism, white supremacists and racism, and these days the movement that encapsulates some of those ideas: the alt-right.

It's a bunch of white people in masks using violence on any minorities who dissent from what they say. 12/portland-protests-andy-ngo.jpg

Sound familiar? Yep. 105706760gettyimages-90001717.jpg

In keeping with the principles of Newspeak, all of the words listed here serve as both nouns and verbs; thus, crimethink is both the noun meaning "thoughtcrime" and the verb meaning "to commit thoughtcrime". To form an adjective, one adds the suffix "-ful" (e.g., crimethinkful) and to form an adverb, "-wise" (e.g., crimethinkwise). There are some irregular forms, such as the adjectival forms of Minitrue, Minipax, Miniplenty, and Miniluv (Ministry of Truth, Ministry of Peace, Ministry of Plenty, and Ministry of Love, respectively – all ministries of the active government in Nineteen Eighty-Four). ofNewspeak_words.html

Newspeak is the language of Oceania, a fictional totalitarian state and the setting of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), by George Orwell. To meet the ideological requirements of English Socialism (Ingsoc) in Oceania, the ruling Party created Newspeak, [1] a controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought — personal identity, self-expression, free will — that threatens the ideology of the régime of Big Brother and the Party, who have criminalized such concepts into thoughtcrime, as contradictions of Ingsoc orthodoxy.

Now that's funny seeing Trump and the right do none of these things, while the left acts like 1984 is its playbook.


I keep him in my mildly retarded pets dungeon. He sits on the shoulder of a pirate. He can only squawk a few sentences about Hitler and Nazis. He would smoke pot if I let him, but I don't. Instead I feed him old urinal cakes. He seems to enjoy said cakes.

I like being on this side more than you do, and I'm me.

Yes, but when Socialists say Socialism, they mean you, not them. It's the new PC word for open theft.

Do we hafta go back for that shit?

You don't have to do anything. If you want the shit, fly your ass to the moon and get it. Maybe you can smoke it.

Some of characteristics typically ascribed to god contradict one another

And off he ran, never to be seen again.

Do DENIERS of climate science, such as yourself, do it because they're afraid the fix will involve TONS and TONS of government, or do you ACTUALLY not believe the science??

I don't believe anyone who blocks challengers to their scientific position. It makes me assume they know the Earth isn't flat, but need to block your data to prove that it is.

And our skepticism would be an easy fix, now wouldn't it? Simply fund the opposite position, let them present their findings, and let the chips land where they may.

I wouldn't respond to the defunding point either. Good move nom. Dodging will conceal your mild mental retardation a bit.

What? You're not going to fling a Hitlerian, anti Jew, slur at me for once? Look, a flying pig...

Church is NOT a good place to learn your science..

Neither are fake news channels.

Secondly, if the climate change worshippers knew they were right, they'd welcome challengers with a laugh. They do not. They use defunding, ridicule, and violence towards dissent. That's an odd response for someone who knows they are right.

But let's cut the crap Con. We both know that if you take the opposite position as a scientist, you get defunded.

There's NO if.

There's always an if.

Science has ELIMINATED any notion of IF in the matter of climate change..

Demonstrably false.

We KNOW, absolutely without a shadow of doubt, that burning fossil fuels causes the climate to heat up..

Not actually. You can't even tell me what the temperature was a hundred years ago.

Now, I know you DENY the current science

Scientists said Einstein was a stupid lunatic for relativity. Guess what.

And the biggest question of all Con. If ANTIFA attacked and killed your Trump supporting son, who'd be your enemy? Do tell.

Got banned for Nazi hate speech again and needed a new puppet, eh nom?

If the enemy of my enemy LIKES me, am I obligated to LIKE him back or HATE him?

Oh, and seeing Nom is your enemy, I suppose you are obligated to like me for being his enemy due to his hating Jews and using the propaganda word Zionist like Hitler

The characterization of God as all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good

So show us the Bible using these 3 terms.

However ……… reality reigns. WE must fight the realities …. the drugs, the racism, the greed

The antisemitic, anti capitalist strain consuming the Democrat Party...

WE .. would like to get back to working those things out, but, we have to save our democracy (from Trump) FIRST!! (He'll make you wish you'd been born white)!

Riiiight. He's going to send his new first black, female general to get me for skin tone.

Dakota Pipeline: Protesters Soaked With Water in Freezing Temperatures

Nothing, except allow drilling on their lands, polluting the water on their lands, killing the animals on their lands, you know, "how it's always been"!?

During Obama's Presidency, they tried to stop it. Obama turned the fire hoses on them and libs said nothing.

By the way, civil rights Democrats were working on Native American problems before then also.

Democrats mass genocided Natives, marched them into no man's land, all after raping their women and murdering their children.

What'cha think Trump will do for the "red man"?? Hmmmm?? (

Jobs, 401ks through the roof, tax cuts, unemployment down

Nom is the enemy of your enemy. He uses Hitlerian, antisemitic rhetoric towards you on a daily basis.

I can't support those who hate me because I actually like and respect myself. Leftists can support anyone, of any kind, even if that person is Nazi-like if it can somehow be rationalized to be libby in nature.

evidence suggests fluctuations in solar activity can affect climate on Earth

Better ignore that little fact completely, eh nom?

The article you linked is from March 12th, 2007. It's literally twelve years old.


Okay Al. I'll bite. If we got rid of all emissions, and the temperature climbs, what's your plan?

You're not a Native

Sure I am. I'm literally from Tahlequah, Oklahoma where pretty much everyone is Native.

You on the other hand are a white privileged, jealous, failure.

Which Is Better? Crack Cocaine

Jesus. Cocaine will give you withdrawals and addiction.

Struggling to distinguish an immigration debate from your role model, eh Nom?

You're essentially the human personification of Satan

Riiiiight. The characteristics given to Satan in the Bible, and the things warned about in the Bible look like the Democratic Party.

You sit on the internet viciously attacking anybody

Just you.

and everybody who dares put you right.

I'm already right.

Religion is yet another tool you use to galvanise people into hatred and wickedness

You literally worship a man who created an ideology that makes the state your lord and master, and which condones violence and censorship to defend the ideology. And then you turn around and defend Islam.


If you hate Jews, yes, you are a Nazi by definition. Of course you say Zionist repeatedly like a Hitlerian psychopath, which is your tell.

Is salvation, the free gift, Christians can't lose?

Yes. I would reference:

The parable of the tares because it emphaszes that God put wheat in a field, Satan tried to put tares in with it, God let both grow together, and the wheat was still wheat at the end of the parable.

And Jeremiah 1:5 which emphasizes that God knew you and set you apart before you ever lived this life.

If we have to go through 5 more years of this CRAP

Try dealing with rabid antisemites who call you Hitler, anti Americans, race baitors, Alinskyites and Communists from the other side for 48 years.

I wouldn't ……… she won't either. She doesn't like the fact that this country is GOING to CRAP!

She was trashing America before Trump. Maybe she didn't like Obama...

Or reality. She hates America.

Trump to send Rand Paul, to Iran to reduce tensions. Your thoughts?

I'm not a giant Rand Paul fan, but not a complete hater either. He appears diplomatic, but I'm more convinced that your enemy being afraid of you tends to work best. Perhaps he'll play good cop.

Then isn't it incredibly strange how criticising the treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli state

Isn't it interesting how you aren't interested in far worse violations, by your own standards, in other countries, thus proving you are anti Jew?

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