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Do you think we'll send a man back to the moon in your lifetime?


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That would depend on how long I'm going to live.

I'm so healthy I think I'll be around when they land a man on Mars.

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MasterYoda(224) Disputed
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I'm so healthy

You are fat and you have diabetes. .

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As far as I'm aware, the Israelis are currently building a shuttle to take their astronauts to the moon.

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The lunar gateway is under production by NASA which could bring man back to the moon by the year 2023 or within that decade. And as for my lifetime, That depends on how much longer I have to live.

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Not at all. They know it's a waste of time. They'll go nowhere or try to get to Mars.

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We will send an animal or a woman to the moon.

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There is no moon. Outerspace is fake and created in a Hollywood movie studio.

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