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Is McDonalds better than KFC?

Compare the food served at the both diners


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Never was a fan of chicken; much more of a beef guy.

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Burgers over chicken any day. But sometimes I need to eat some KFC because my color starts fading.

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Warjin(1577) Disputed
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LIES, you know you want the chicken, it's in your DNA, same as us Hispanics with rice and beans.

Lol, but I do love me some chicken.
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McDs makes better hamburgers than KFC and KFC makes better chicken than McDs.

That was easy.

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Im have to say KFC, this because with McDonald's food dont have a lot of taste to it. I still like McDonalds but if I have to choose between the both of them I would choose KFC

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KFC has what can actually be called " chicken in it". Fibres that once were part of a chicken.

McDonalds, however... Hmm, if you count retinas and horse sphincters as good supplement, then I guess that's your fast-food-franchise XD

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First of all you should update your title and second soul food to me will always be better than fast food.

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Between the two, definitely KFC, but if you're going chicken you gotta go Bojangles.

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