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 Progressive announces "Plan to Forgive All Student Debt" (32)

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Progressive announces "Plan to Forgive All Student Debt"

Not to be outdone by other 2020 Democratic presidential contenders Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced Monday morning that he plans to introduce legislation to forgive the student loan debt of around 45 million Americans. A plan that will easily cost upwards of $1.5 trillion.
The College for All Act  plans to pay for the massive handout with a tax on Wall Street though Sanders and his team revealed only a general outline of the tax plan.

The new tax on financial transactions including a 0.5 percent tax on stock transactions and a 0.1 percent tax on bonds.

There you have it what BARNEY claims as FREE will cost those invested in the STOCK MARKET !!!!!!!
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3 points

Is Bernie purposely self-destructing? No thinking human being could believe for a moment this is a rational idea.

Every day lately is like a contest to see which SOCIALIST candidate can promise the most free money.

But IDIOT BARNEY wants other people's money to pay for his FREE FOR ALL agenda !

What a sight to see as the SOCIALIST get all TWISTED UNDER THEIR AXLE !!!!!!!!

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Hyperbole and free shit for the downtrodden are the only tools Democrats have. Identify a problem government can fix then target the villains that caused it and raise taxes that reduce wealth and the shrink the economy. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Harvard is a human right and seen as being a free right so long as it is paid for by someone else.

Nom_Chomsky(846) Disputed
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free shit for the downtrodden are the only tools Democrats have.

Shut up Bronto you atrociously stupid far right lunatic. You were on here three days ago literally linking us to Nazi propaganda and today you've been linking fake news stories from the Daily Caller. Shut your toxic lying mouth you waste of fucking air.

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
2 points

It's not even election year yet and so far the SOCIALIST have promised:

Free college

Student loan forgiveness

Reparations for NEGROS

Reparations for GAYS

Free healthcare for the entire world

Yet they offer no idea about how they will pay for any of this.

How can anyone with more than 2 brain cells take these people seriously?

outlaw60(15500) Disputed
1 point

Taxing Wall Street to pay for indoctrinating students into Marxism is a good plan ???????

Amarel(4987) Disputed
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Shut up Bronto

Number 9,876,568,765 probably wasn’t a waste of your time. I bet he listens this time.

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So for all the responsible students who actually paid their debt, what message would this send to them?

The message is to run up debt that can never be paid back ( kind of like credit cards), and then simply refuse to pay it back until some radical Democrat forces others to bail you out once again.

We see it every day on commercials where they say they can reduce your income tax debt where you only have to pay back a fraction.

It's the ole No Fault Democrat ideology. Pander to the irresponsible low end voters by stealing taxes from hard working responsible Americans.

Taxation without representation.

outlaw60(15500) Clarified
1 point

Now this is very good !!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets see how many professors are signing up to TEACH FOR FREE? If all these Socialists want FREE then start with the PROFESSORS donating their paycheck to FREE education but i don't see ANY hands up for that nor have i heard the Socialist Barney mention that

seanB(845) Disputed
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With someone like Sanders, education for profit wouldn't be a thing. Ergo, no student debt in the first place. Education and medicine don't mix with profit. This is clear.

For many decades the UK didn't require its students (many of whom occupy Conservative government posts) to pay anything from their own pocket for their education. Now, finance is an impediment to education. When finance is an impediment to education, class dictates opportunity. When class dictates opportunity, class mobility stagnates. When class mobility stagnates, economies stagnate.

FromWithin(7854) Disputed
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When corrupt politicians control our education and health, it's stagnates FREEDOM!

2 points

That's the standard loony leftist's ideology.

We'll give away tax payer's hard earned money to further our electoral appeal to the nation's irresponsible spongers.

It's so easy to be magnanimous with other people's money in what is transparently a cheap attempt to unfairly alleviate the more affluent members of our society from the dept they incurred by knowingly entering into a legally binding contract.

Anyone whose earnings has reached or exceeded the contractually agreed level as stated in the conditions of the contract but willfully evades to comply with these terms is committing a criminal offence.

In reality this blustering, virtue signalling progressive is proposing to pardon criminal fraudsters.

Man, man oh man.

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Progressive announces "Plan to Forgive All Student Debt"

Hello poochy boy:

This is easy IF you understand the concept of INVESTMENT.. Most people think investment = expense.. Of course, if an investment doesn't pay off, it IS an expense..

I say the country WINS when we have an educated populace. Being an uneducated person yourself, you wouldn't agree..

Now, fetch this stick..