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Why does every Democrat I know use the same term 'reimagine policing'?


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Why does every Democrat I know use the same term 'reimagine policing'?

Hello N:

Uhhh, because you only know one Democrat??

OR, you watch tooo damn much FOX News..


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Well, you don't know ME but I, as a Democrat haven't used it. I'm sure there are many who would say the same.

Still, what we have been doing is certainly NOT working. We have 5% of the population of the world and 25% of its prison population. Something needs to change .... (maybe we should "reimagine policing" ;-)?

I told my wife two months ago that the guns were going to start to come out. Too many guns, too much unemployment, too many losing their homes, their savings. It seems that, along with ineffective policing practices, we have ineffective Presidential practices. The "Law and Order President" is totally destroying the somewhat ineffective Judiciary by making it TOTALLY ineffective .... at least for him and his friends. So, that 25% may increase, hopefully, with he being a part of our overpopulated prison population. Then, maybe, we can get around to "re-imagining policing"!? (That's why the few Democrats you know are using the term, I would guess). Now I've used it ... seems like a necessity, considering the current catastrophe ... (Previously known as an "administration". ;-)

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Because poll testing indicates it sounds better than defunding the police, which is exactly what it means.

That was easy.

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Why does every Republican I know do nothing except talk shit about the Democrats all day, even when a killer virus is ripping through their country and people are dying like flies?

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The DImocrats are asking us to imagine that there are police protecting us and not to complain if these imaginary figures fail to maintain law and order.

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