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dreamer101's Reward Points: 17

Points When What Where
1 Added Argument who's better? Batman, superman, flash, or wonderwoman.
1 Added Argument Atheists have nothing to die for.
1 Added Argument Is there any chance that you would join the Christian faith?
3 Added Argument Atheists have nothing to die for.
5 Created Debate Do you think a straight person going to a homosexual club makes them gay?
1 Added Argument Should grandmothers smoke pot?
1 Added Argument Is the Bible useful as a FOUNDATION for morality?
1 Added Argument Does evil REALLY exist as a thing unto itself?
1 Added Argument Gay People
1 Added Argument Should gay marriage be legal nationwide?
1 Added Argument No self respecting atheist would ever utter the phrase - Oh My God!!!

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