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It's true.. Bumfuk has cheap gas

Due to Conservative policies.

but nowhere to go.

Nonsensical. No idea what this even means.

They can't put any money away, gas prices are soaring

Gas prices are soaring out West due to liberal restrictions that make less suppliers want to ship to California.

Prices are the same here.

I even did a debate about it. You chose not to participate. California IsApproaching4GasolineButItHasOnlyItselfToBlame3#arg971297

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However, the overall economy SUCKS.

Actually there's no measure where it sucks.

People still need two or more jobs

Citation needed.

or workers in the home, they can't afford health insurance …

So like it's been your entire lifetime.

If the libs had held Hillary to the scrutiny the held Trump to, her ass would be in prison for life.

Happy Resurrection Day. Is Jesus Risen Lord?


Happy Easter

When the left says "alt right", it means groups with no defined political side that many leftists themselves belong to.

He killed more than Hitler. He was also antisemetic (said Jews were parasites that lived off established societies........Duh

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Around the world, 20,000 plastic bottles are bought every second. The bottled water ban has been a prominent issue. Americans consumed more than 13.7 billion gallons on bottled water in 2017, more than any other beverage. This raises the concern if bottled water could have a drastic affect human health and harm the environment by increasing waste. The truth is, bottled water has no evident issues therefore should not be banned.

Firstly, bottled water is a practical water source in emergencies and in any natural disaster. For example, in January of 2017, officials changed to cities water supply In Flint MI. The highly corrosive water eroded the city pipes and poisoned the water spilling lead and iron, making it poisonous for anyone drinking or bathing in it. From Jan. 2016 to Apr .2018, the city distributed free bottled water to residents as a substitute for the unusable tap water. It was estimated a family of 3 used 151 bottles a day. The implementation of water bottles provided a effectively simple solution to a rather dangerous life threatening situation. Without bottled water, the people affected by a natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood or earthquake would be left without a effective source of water, since water pipes providing tap water may be destroyed or tap water may be unsafe to drink. Along with bottled water being an efficient approach in life threatening situations, eliminating water bottles would decline human health.

It is logical to believe, the declination of bottled water would lead to a higher consumption of sugary drinks and decreased human health. One confirming example was when the University of Virginia banned the use of bottled water on campus. As a result, the ban increased the sales of juices by 11% and sugar sweetened beverages by 10%. With an absence of water bottles, sugary drinks are to go to options, not tap water. The International Bottled Water Association notes that, "research shows that if bottled water isn't available, 63 percent of people will choose soda or another sugared drink." By removing bottled water human health is rapidly becoming harmed. In addition, bottled water is a crucial component for people living in an undeveloped country. Without the healthy pure water bottles people rely on, they are left with unfiltered, contaminated water filled with deadly disease. Water bottles are evidently important in retaining human health.

Some may argue that banning bottled water would significantly reduce waste and help protect the environment. However, there are several reasons to oppose this point of view. Banning bottled water would not necessarily reduce waste and the packaging of other containers are much more harmful. For example bottled water only take up 3.3% of landfill waste, a miniscule number, when compared to soft drink containers (13.3%) and aluminum cans (7.9%). The packaging of sports drinks produce nearly 50% more carbon dioxide emissions per serving than bottled water. If bottled water is going to be banned, it would not make sense to have it be only abolished since other disposable liquid packaging's are way more harmful than bottled water. This would also affect businesses selling bottled water since their product is only banned.

Jesus is greater and more powerful, for He is God, and Lord.............................................................................................

That's the only reason I got the sign. No one has rammed my car since I got it!!! It's been working out great so far. ;)

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I agree with your argument of saying that irrigation and domestic come hand in hand. Without irrigation we would not have domestic, and the use of domestic in a sense is a little more important because even though we need irrigation for crops there are other ways in which we can get food. Also, without domestic use of water we won't have access to water as individuals, and humans cannot survive without water for more than 3 days.

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I agree that domestic use of water is more important. Would you rather be alive with higher grocery prices and less jobs, or dead? I think the answer is clear here. Yes, I do agree that irrigation is extremely important but I just can't bring myself to see it as the same level of importance as domestic use.

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Unfortunately I disagree that irrigation is the most important use of water in California. Both irrigation and domestic use are so tightly connected that I don't believe one can say that one of them is more important than the other. Domestic use of water is necessary for human life and California's population would not exist without it. Even though irrigation may fuel the economy and help grow better crops, none of this would be significant if humans couldn't live there in the first place.

Edit: sorry I posted this response on the wrong side

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I agree with your argument that irrigation is important for life in the way that if we didn't have water in order to grow our crops for substances then there would not be survival for domestic to even occure. On the other hand, I also see it from domestic point of view in the way that people need water domestically in order to survive as well. Although, I would have to agree more on irrigation solely on the fact that people normally abuse their rights to water domestically by wasting water in many ways, while all water for irrigation is significant in some way or another.

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Ironically, ANTIFA employs the particularly fascistic tactics of violence, intimidation, and concerted efforts to silence free expression of ideas with which they disagree.

Not this ridiculously stupid idiocy again, please. Antifa literally stands for "anti-fascism". The "expression of ideas with which they agree" is your doublespeak for FASCISM. The last time fascism reared its ugly head we sent an entire generation of kids to die fighting it. If you had espoused this ridiculous point of view seventy years ago you literally would have been shot for treason.

Furthermore, you are inaccurately describing the fascist regimes in the first place, which were actually so successful because of the MASSIVE WAVE OF SPIN AND PROPAGANDA which accompanied everything they ever said and/or did. They argued that black was actually white, exactly as the idiots on the American right now do. You forget that the Nazis were elected democratically. They did not obtain power in a coup or a war. The people literally voted for them.

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China, Cuba, and Iran are not republics; they just call themselves that.

How can you possibly be so stupid that you cannot see the same logic applies to the United States?

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We’ve covered this.

Translation: I tried to find any reason why the Soviet Union wasn't state capitalist. I failed. Now I'm going to try again.

“State Capitalism” is what socialists call communism

Communism is what socialists call communism, you idiot.

when it turns out as predicted by capitalists.

In that case you need to start calling capitalism "massive wealth inequality coupled with the systematic oppression of the working class", since it has always turned out as Marxists have predicted.

In 1934 the Group of International Communists in the Netherlands denounced the USSR as "nothing but a capitalist economy taken over by the State and directed from the outside and from above by its bureaucracy".

Supporting Evidence: ‘State Capitalism’ in the Soviet Union (
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Look at that. In your own link there is neither an escalator nor a generalized statement against Mexicans as a people.

LOL. Thanks for the green light buddy.

They are liars, murderers and land thieves who kill Palestinians for sport. It is impossible to have a conversation with any one of them which doesn't involve them either lying to you or trying to convince you to give them all your money.

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First, that never happened.

Have you been present at every escalator simultaneously for the last decade?

Then shut your face. You are inventing your own facts again.

Hootie(724) Clarified
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The guys who truly belong on a perma-ban list cannot be banned. They have no permanent account.

You have a permanent account and you truly belong on the permaban list, so how about we start with you?

Your activity on this website consists of changing your argument every time somebody disproves it, writing 10,000 word essays of self-glorifying narcissistic rubbish and generally acting like a smarmy, disingenuous bully.

Amarel(4790) Clarified
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The guys who truly belong on a perma-ban list cannot be banned. They have no permanent account.

Excon may not admit to the inaccuracy of his statement, but I don’t think it’s intended as deception. He believes what he is saying. He didn’t post a video because it proved his own statement false. He posted it because he believed it validated his statement. In the end, rather than being convinced, he may just think “yeah but..”. That’s not deception, that’s bias.

This is my appeal on behalf of Excon for you to remove him from your perma-ban list. If he is indeed proved wrong, that only bolsters your position. If he is not, then it’s an opportunity to say something other than “yeah but”.

Yes, no one knows what tomorrow may bring, so put it in God's hands and live worry free.

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