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Ass-troll Amarel I don't believe in his powers
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Amarel is a master of ass-troll projection

Amarel is a mystical sage who can project the label of troll onto anybody who disagrees with him simply because he feels like being an ass hole. Wow, what a spiritual guru, he has totally mastered ass-troll projection! 
because he's an ulcerous ass hole infection...
He calls you a troll as his form of deflection!
He's a buddha of trolling and introspection
So if he says you're a "troll" that's his own soul's reflection

Ass-troll Amarel

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I don't believe in his powers

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It is possible he is a master of this art you speak of.

Yes, why not let him have the title of master ass-troll? >.>

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I personally believe the guy is a paid shill. I've stumbled across them before and if you debate them long enough then sooner or later it becomes the only explanation that makes sense for why they keep misrepresenting what you say.

Side: Ass-troll Amarel
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Saying he's a paid shill is a bit of a stretch, and this is coming from a certified conspiracy theorist. Have you ever considered the possibility that he is just astronomically retarded and remarkably intellectually dishonest to the 33rd degree of luciferian baphomet worshiping levels of hypocrisy?

Side: Ass-troll Amarel
Amarel(3613) Disputed
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You guys like to say this sort of thing a lot. But you rarely even attempt to show it.

Side: I don't believe in his powers
Amarel(3613) Disputed
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How much do you believe I am being paid. ?

Side: I don't believe in his powers
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