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or just have them elect a far left candidate with a muslim jihadi gangbang fetish

Now let me explain how reality really works.

If the Christian and Jewish far right launches a twenty year campaign of slander and abuse against Islam and the left points out the rampant double standards and hypocrisy being used, that does not mean the left is an ally of Islamic Jihad, or even Islam. It means the left has a problem with one bunch of religious nutters slandering another bunch of religious nutters, especially when they believe almost exactly the same things.

So free will cannot exist because free will cannot exist.

That isn't at all what he said. If I am irritated by your stupid and bizarre straw man argument, how do you think the poster you replied to feels?

It will evolve into something better, like alchemy evolved into chemistry.

Says the nincompoop who thinks Karl Marx was a terrorist!

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You asked if everyone was poor under feudalism

And you tried to deceive people with false definitions of "rich" and "poor", like all Conservatives do every time the issue of poverty gets raised!!

Being rich is not about how much you have, but rather about how much you have compared to everybody else. Hence, yes, people who drank from tin goblets and chased their own dinner were once considered rich, because the rest of the population was eating its own shit. Being rich is a relative condition not an absolute condition. A person living in the 21st century is not relatively richer than their 13th century counterparts simply because technology has evolved and now they have a TV set.

Nothing infuriates me more than a dickhead who wants to pretend capitalism is responsible for technological evolution.

Right, because the Holodomor was the only time that mass starvation occurred in the soviet union

It was the only time that "tens of millions starved" simultaneously under Soviet Communism, which is the claim you used to attack Communism with. Please stop changing what you said after the fact you dishonest little scuzzbucket.


Yeah cool, you silly little bigot. I notice you seem to have missed this one out:-


Famine killed 7 million people in USA

Ghosts don't exist. I think it can be determined to be logical that they don't, since there is no convincing evidence of their existence and they have never been studied, yet people have decided themselves that they are the spirits of the dead. This strongly indicates that, while there might be some natural phenomena associated with ghost sightings, we have invented all the details ourselves.

The people at the top of the feudal hierarchy had standards of living that would qualify them as the poorest of the non-homeless poor in modern America.

They were living in the 13th century you idiotic twat.

Being a Conservative and being grounded in reality

LOL. Oh bronto, you clearly are not well.

keeps me from shooting 500 people

Just last week you were calling Muslims Conservatives on the grounds that they are (according to you) violent.

You are about as detached from reality as it is possible for a human being to get.

and would not work for free.

You have the principles of Communism and Capitalism literally upside down. Under Communism, you get paid the product of your labour. Under Capitalism you get paid a small percentage of the product of your labour. Under Communism, when you work you profit. Under Capitalism, when you work other people profit.

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Winning Position: You Have Things Backwards. There Should Be NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
Winning Position: No. Attacking Everyone Is Fine

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