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 Hitler not as Racist as Accussed (3)

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Hitler not as Racist as Accussed

Our racial pride is not aggressive except in so far as the Jewish race is concerned. We use the term Jewish race as a matter of convenience, for in reality and from the genetic point of view there is no such thing as the Jewish race. There does, however, exist a community, to which, in fact, the term can be applied and the existence of which is admitted by the Jews themselves. It is the spiritually homogeneous group, to membership of which all Jews throughout the world deliberately adhere, regardless of their whereabouts and of their country of domicile; and it is this group of human beings to which we give the title Jewish race.


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Hitler not as Racist as Accussed

Hello S:

It's true.. He COULD have murdered 12 million Jews... But, he's good guy.. He ONLY murdered 6 million..


All I have to say about this interesting topic is this:

It's 'accused'.

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Well, maybe not. That doesn't change the fact that he was THEE most inhuman racist that ever lived! The scary thing today is WE HAVE A COPYCAT in the WHITE HOUSE! Different cat, different mice, still a predator! No need to "accuse", all we have to do is wake up and open our eyes. :-(