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1 Added Argument Mother Jones editor says "Tomahawk" Missiles are Offensive
1 Added Argument Is there anyone here that IS NOT a troll?
1 Added Argument Creatures trapped in amber refutes Darwinism. proves God
1 Added Argument A Strange Can of Sardines
1 Added Argument The double slit experiment is proof of God
1 Added Argument The Trinity isn't actually that hard to understand philosophically
1 Added Argument Who should've won?
2 Added Argument Are Republicans Terrorists?
1 Added Argument Pence and Hamiliton - A grand performance or unnecessary censure?
1 Added Argument 100 Reasons Why Evolution is Wrong
1 Added Argument This is a must watch. Especially if you think you might be an atheist.
3 Added Argument Does random actualy occur anywhere in nature, or in universe?
1 Added Argument Can I get an amen? (from theists AND atheists)
1 Added Argument If Darwinism was true, the fossil record would show millions of intermediaries
1 Added Argument Now that Trump is President-Elect do you think anything will change?
1 Added Argument Dudes/Babes/Ladies/Men
5 Created Debate Dudes/Babes/Ladies/Men
8 Added Argument Is gossip a sign of low intelligence?
4 Added Argument Is gossip a sign of low intelligence?

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