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RSS ArchonElite

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10 most recent arguments.

I'm going to piss down you're esophageal tube of the oral fuckface hole for being such a rod pumping holocaust denying bag of monkey clits.

ArchonElite(347) Clarified
1 point

Paz is literally the single best if it comes to making rap seem like a natural born talent, as opposed to learned skill.

Well I don't know exactly what you mean here. In my experience no one starts out as a rap god and even the best need to develop their skills. Of course, some are born with or conditioned to have more talent than others.

He makes it so fucking natural to have absolutely liquid flow

The thing about Paz's flow is that it pretty much always connects with each line without any road bumps but is a very straight forward flow. I think Webby is an example of someone with a better flow, as he has the same ability to flow without interruption yet has a more intricate flow generally speaking. Metaphorically speaking, Paz's flow is a straight river and Webby's flow winds like the amazon while still remaining geometrically elegant, and Tech N9ne's flow is the next level of that and it wraps around in spiral patterns and intersects with itself while still flowing smoothly.

Oh and his actual clarity in delivery is unparalleled by any other than Minaj and Webby

Still can't believe you think Nicki Minaj is comparable with any of the top rappers. Yeah, she SOUNDS good but she is not a great rapper.

ArchonElite(347) Clarified
1 point

Lowkey and Vinnie thanks to me and my posts? ;)

In part yes but not entirely. When it comes to Lowkey it started with the last verse of the Mcdonald Trump song, before that I saw him as a conscious rapper who is not very lyrical but the rhyme scheme surprised me on that one. Then you posted one that was even better in that regard when you claimed I was Lowkey and that was when it hit me how good he was. As for Vinnie Paz you also helped convince me but it only fully dawned on me when I started listening to a bunch of his raps that I hadn't yet heard a couple days ago.

ArchonElite(347) Clarified
2 points

I can definitely agree more with this list than your old one. Especially as Eminem has evolved and reemerged in the game since you last made it, so his promotion is deserved.

Yeah, I always resonated with Canibus more but he has fallen off whereas Eminem has actually improved on a technical level even beyond what he himself considers his prime (mmlp). Ultimately Canibus has had points in his career where he shits on Eminem's average material but as I revisited it I found that Eminem at his best is better than Canibus at his best when it comes to the art of rapping itself (but not when it comes to the message/meaning). Also I have liked Lowkey for a while but I didn't realize how lyrical he can be until recently and same thing with Vinnie Paz.

2 points

India wasn't Capitalist in 1979. Now that it is Capitalist, it's life expectancy is higher.

Life expectancy in general has increased in first world nations because medical technology and medicine has increased, among other factors. Not only that but India actually was capitalist in 1979.

2 points

Believing in God or money is more akin to believing in Santa Claus, socialism simply entails the belief that society will not be retarded forever.

Number one:

If you add up all the right wing states and left wing states most of the hate groups are in right wing states.

Number two:

The two directly below california are right wing states and they alone have twice as many hate groups as california when you combine them.

Number three:

California has a huge population in general and has more right wingers in it then a lot of other states despite being largely left leaning.

Number four:

Define "hate group".

For humans, this is truer than for the aliens you speak of. The dominant nations are blue-white-red combinations of some sort.

Just because a lot of their flags are red white and blue doesn't mean their politics are.

2 points

It's a shame he has to be such a nutjob and a dick head, the kid does actually have some talent in certain areas.

Depends on if the aliens are smart or stupid. Theoretically, an alien race could have IQs of 48 by human standards.

Not advanced ones. Aliens in general could have any IQ but the kind Mingi is talking about should be way more intelligent than humans.

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