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RSS Picklejuice

Reward Points:45
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0 points

This site is evidence that natural selection has been bypassed by humans. We now are under the influence of socially constructed selection. Take Outlaw60 or Bronto for example, in nature they would be very, very dead by now, but the stupidity that should be their bane is actually rewarded in society because their stupid values are those valued by society. If you are against the status quo, you are ostracized whereas those mindless parrots who follow it are rewarded, as demonstrated by the fact that right wing trolls flood the site and the few reasonable people are constantly drowned out by a constant stream of bullshit. Selection in these times comes down to what cultures value, and those who are at the top are using the stupidity of the masses to create a culture that benefits them, while the masses are rewarded for serving the establishment, leaving those who are vastly superior to either join those at the top in being a scumbag or live their life as a ridiculed hermit.

1 point

What is the idea here, that God loves prostitutes and tax collectors?

2 points

You have the intellect of a stale biscuit in a barrel on a scurvy ridden pirate ship.

1 point

FromWithin has no empathy or moral standards without the bible, which is evidenced by the fact that he is totally indifferent to all human suffering unless it concerns fetuses. This is also hypocritically retarded in that God is pro-abortion. There are numerous bible verses wherein God smites infants to punish nations he doesn't like.

1 point

What I am to your mom.

I looked it up, authoritaty isn't even a word. That means you don't even exist to my mom.

2 points

I can do it in private or public it's your choice.

Damn Mingi, you're quite the kinky little son of a wank.

1 point

Looks like he is citing Wikipedia as an authoritaty on what Nazis said

What's an authoritaty?

1 point

Hentai is a pretty big rabbit hole. One minute you are merely looking at some boobs and the next minute you are looking at a transgender rabbit being molested by a tentacle monster.

0 points

You're like Houdini

you stuck your teenie eenie weenie

between each

one of your thighs and made it disappear like a genie

1 point

Would you like me to pull down my pants and let you have a mouthfull? Or do you think this thing will suck itself?

I only suck pickled bananas, and only when they are served with bacon and eggs.

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Winning Position: Is it better to smoke two joints in the morning or smoke two joints at night?

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